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Chardin var én af de kunstnere, som Matisse beundrede mest; som Da han vendte tilbage til Paris i februar , arbejdede han sammen med Albert En tidlig version af La Danse () findes i The Museum of Modern Arts . i , og Matisse malede et kapel i Vence, en lille by han flyttede til i , til ære for hende.
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Vi viser deg hvor du finner dem. Its owner, the widow Augier, still lives in the top suite. The check was returned. Nices landemerke, hvis rosa kuppel ble tegnet av Gustav Eiffel og lysekrone av Baccarat-krystall veier et tonn. Eieren, enkefru Augier, bor fremdeles i toppsuiten. Den ble returnert. Baker underholdt. Ble i gjenreist som et av byens mondene hoteller. For jogging with a high celebrity. Det hender gutta fra U2 stikker. Winston Churchill spent a lot of time at this hotel at the oldest harbour on the Mediterranean.

The guestbook contains names like Roger Moore and Rod Stewart. Noen skritt unna venter Jean Cocteaus unike veggmalerier i St. The food is just as good as the view. Maten er like fin som utsikten. No reservations dinner is served at 7 p. No wonder there is hard competition for a table. Her serveres ekte husmannskost under ledelse av den tidligere Michelin-stjernekokken Dominique Le Stanc. At Le Safari, you eat well and have a great view of all the action. Restaurantbordene fyller torget om kvelden, fra Matisses gamle bolig til Operaen, omringet av barokkfasader og rocka vinbarer.

Make reservations early and ask for a table on the second floor. Chez Antoine er den nye farsotten i Nice restaurantverden: Bestill bord tidlig og be om plass i 2. Furuholmen and the Pink Floyd boys are regulars. La Petite Maison 11 Rue St. The garden is a dream, as is the food. Terre de Truffes 11 Rue St. Francois de Paule, Nice Terre de Truffes is unparalleled.

Terre de Truffes er uover-. Even Italian ice cream lovers are drawn to it. Til og med iskrem-kjennere fra Italia flokker hit. Chateau de Bellet, with 2, years of winemaking tradition. Wine tasting can be organised in advance, with sales on site. It is in a 17th Century mansion on a ridge in the Cimiez neighbourhood and has a wonderful view. The Impressionist master was based in Nice for 27 years. Matisse-museet er en must for kunstelskere. The tiny Chapelle du Rosaire shows Matisse at his greatest and most intimate.

He lived on the same street at the end of his life and saw the chapel as his masterpiece.

Oslo Airport Magazine (no. 5): The Popular Edition by Dinamo Magazine - Issuu

Somewhat fewer flights in winter from 3 hours. Afterwards, he climbed up on the La Colline hill, where the Nice opera is, to philosophize. Hello, Tokyo! People still check in because of the movie. Certain hotels around the world have been immortalized by the film screen. Park Hyatt Tokyo er det eneste japanske. The Japanese toilet that Bob Harris had troubles with is worth a story in itself. The bathtub was complete with purple bath salts and a remote control so you can watch TV while in the tub.

Has rooms, swimming pool and gym. Johansson a bit more, you can go for a swim in the hotel pool on the 47th floor. Before you go for a swim, you must sign a form declaring that you will not use a mobile phone or a camera up there and that you do not have tattoos. But at one of the other tables, two young women in dresses were taking pictures of each other.

We saw them and knew they saw us. We understood each other, like Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray did. Og det har jo knapt begynt. New York Bar er litt fin, litt trist og veldig Bill Murray. Vi ser dem, og vet at de ser oss. The Santa Ynez Valley is still reaping the tourism benefits. Turismen i Santa Ynez Valley nyter fortsatt godt av suksessen.

Fans of the cult horror film still flood the place to see if it is as creepy as it looks on the screen. Antagelig altfor lite. Ruapehu, som vi i filmene kjenner som Mt. Many of them are on display at the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum in the charming coastal town. Alle bildene du har sett av en solbrun, smilende John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum i den sjarmerende kystbyen. Probably far too little.

Now fans flock to that faraway land to see Matamata, which was the setting for Hobbiton and Mt. Ruapehu, known in the films as Mt. Naturally, there are guided tours of the area. Og Marcello, han kom, mens katten drakk melk. The house - where Michael J. Fox strutted around in front of the camera - now belongs to the city, but is open to tourists who want to go back to the future. Huset der Michael J. Storebror ser ikke bare deg. Or instead, you can use your phone, which can be particularly helpful if you are going to travel.

Big Brother is watching. Storebror ser det. When artists on tour stop by the studio of the website Daytrotter in Rock Island, Illinois, they record exclusive versions of select songs before moving on. You can also listen to the result on their app. How much should you tip the cab driver? At last, an app that explains this kind of etiquette in 42 countries around the world.

Endelig finnes det en app som forteller deg etiketten i 42 land verden rundt. This app, which also works in Canada, searches for the five cheapest places in a given area. Goa in India attracts burned out souls from around the world. British music producer Phil Dane opened an ecological yoga hotel here and has never looked back. For burned out souls and pleasure seekers. Many come to Goa to meditate or perform yoga. Others come to enjoy life. Dane is the British music producer who started a yoga hotel in India. Loves India. Phil Dane felt the call to create an ecological paradise.

Now that paradise is a reality. Goa has become big business for burned out souls. He wore tight, black jeans and on cigarettes and filtered coffee. He was beginning to feel more and more empty. Dane pours chai tea into a small glass, and talks about how he discovered Ganesha, when he. That was the summer of , and Dane decided to start a new life on the other side of the world. Dane spreads his hands to show what he created. The resort now has 17 employees and seven, three-person Rajasthan tents.

The huge solar panels around the tents are surrounded by palm leaves and impressive annexes made of mud and cow dung. It was meant to be that Ganesha would communicate through me. Phil Dane snakker med lav stemme. Phil Dane er den britiske musikkprodusenten som startet yogahotell i India. Det var sommeren Blomsterbarna har skapt. Det var meningen at Ganesha skulle kommunisere gjennom meg. Seven grand Rajasthan tents and two suites. Solar cells provide electricity.

And even if it is not as inflammatory, controversial and ground-breaking as it was in the years that Edvard Munch who debuted in , a year after the first show broke with traditional artistic forms and got the whole nation on his back, it is still a source of moral indignation and irritation. Not a year passes without someone saying the exhibition has outlived its purpose and should be terminated. But what do people do?

Come back, year after year. I styret satt bare embetsmenn og borgerskap — ingen kunstnere. For 25 years, Larry King was the hardest-hitting talk show host on American television and known worldwide for his "Larry King Live" show. No guest left his studio without being grilled thoroughly and liking it. In the spring of , it came to an end, and King started doing what he has always been almost as good at: being pointedly funny. A lifelong commitment bar: There comes a time, at some point in mid-August, that something starts happening in our bodies, as if a veil was drawn aside and all our senses are heightened.

No one loves English football more than Norwegians, except — possibly — Englishmen. And it has been so since the late s. Those people do exist, and — trust us — there are many more than you might think. Ebooks and Manuals

Say the same thing in September or October, and the picture will automatically expand to include berry picking and mushroom baskets. The Oslomarka forests around the Norwegian capital are not just big and beautiful, but they are also just a 20 minute tram ride from the city centre and are there for all to enjoy. Let it be said: Nothing is more Norwegian than this. Remember to pack lunch and bring a thermos of coffee. Regardless: taking a hike is something that is not common in other countries. Husk niste og kaffe pa termos underveis. By popular demand Five main courses.

Trattoria Popolare is a proper Italian restaurant. Fem hovedretter. Trattoria Popolare er en ordentlig italiensk restaurant. It mostly offers Italian salami and cured ham, which is cut with great precision by a giant meat slicer. Still, it is the restaurant that draws people in. Bland retronostalgi med det limet som holder Norge sammen, og du har en kaffebar hakket stiligere enn andre kaffebarer.

Ten billion cups, or a solid 10 per day, is what we slurp down per year, and 80 per cent of these are plain black coffees. Combine the two and you get the coffee bar Kaffefuglen The Coffee Bird , or better known as just Fuglen, on the motorway through the Pilestredet area for an extra big city feel. And by selling sake to the Japanese, they will attempt the alcohol equivalent of selling bread to a baker or selling sand in the Sahara. Food: Two and a half years ago, Joachim Dyrdahl, a Norwegian artist, remixer and DJ who goes by the name Diskjokke, got one of his strangest requests ever and he has been asked to remix a lot of odd things.

He spent two weeks in Bandung, on Java, and recorded every sound he came across. He also ate Indonesia food. He often ends up with panang curry in coconut sauce, preferably with tofu, a slightly milder form of Thai curry made from galangal a plant related to ginger but with less peppery and more camphor taste , lemon grass, coriander, cumin, garlic, plus salt and sometimes shallots and peanuts. Samt spiste indonesisk mat. Kan det bli enklere? Siden er vi i ytterligere ett land, Spania. Det vil si at du har tilgang til Alektum Inkasso i hele femten europeiske land.

Visit Svalbard and the Polar night when time freezes. In late October the daylight fades and disappears, and the sky is filled with the Northern lights, stars and the Moon to give the land the magnificent Polar blue colour both night and day. Luckily for us, he took his hat and came home to Norway. Heldigvis for oss tok han hatten sin og dro hjem til Norge. There is no way out.

The festival organizers promise a glimpse of the Northern Lights in October before polar night descends on the archipelago and the sun sets until February. The up to kilogram pound cloven-hoofed animals have been in decline worldwide in recent years, but in the Dovrefjell National Park in the mountains north of Hedmark and Oppland counties, their numbers have actually increased.

Commercial companies only offer musk ox safaris during the summer, but the Trondheim branch of the Norwegian Trekking Association offers tours from the 23 through 25 September. Or you can try to find them on your own. That is hotly debated. On 5 to 8 October, if you happen to be in western Norway, you can find out how Rogaland County does in that competition. Neither can manage without the other. We need each other to live. We are one unit and a team. Hvilken landsdel har best humor? Fra 5. Ingen av delene klarer seg uten hverandre.

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Vi er en samlet enhet og team. Not everyone is sorry to see the arrival of autumn. The music that fills the place comes from row after row of old vinyl that lines its shelves. They get to practice Norwegian, while Norwegians get an excellent and exciting meal. Flyktninger og innvandrere briljerer med tradisjonell. There is row upon row of shoes, dresses and all other imaginable apparel, plus required.

If you feel like dancing in your new Terylene threads, you can grab and LP for 45 kroner euro 5. The selection of wares comes from markets in Paris and Amsterdam, as well as local attics. Varene er fra markeder i Paris og Amsterdam og en og annen lokal loftsrydding. A large variety of different beers are still made by the company that was established in A new souvenir stand has opened in cellar 5, where you can even find something for the man who irritatingly - has everything. For less than 50 kroner, euro 6. Fortsatt brygges det. Arbeidsplasser, godstoler, aviser, tidsskrifter, praktfull utsikt og mye mer: Velkommen til biblioteket som ble bygd inne i skallet etter gamle Fokus kino.

Furniture and trunks, clothing and textiles, porcelain and glassware. In a listed neoclassical patrician house from , shared by the public for generations, you can see internationally-acclaimed documentary photography. The building houses both permanent and travelling exhibitions. Workplaces, easy chairs, newspapers, stunning views and much more. Welcome to the library that was built inside the shell of the old Fokus cinema. During the summer, you can enjoy the midnight sun, and in winter, the Northern Lights are an attraction. Om sommeren kan du nyte midnattssola, og om vinteren er nordlyset en attraksjon.

Stort aktivitetsprogram ute og inne, i tillegg til velutstyrt SPA- og Fitnessavdeling for trening og nytelse. Design on the mountain. The organic walls of the viewing building on Tverrfjell mountain were hewed from logs by boat builders from the Hardanger district. An Italian TV team came knocking with the same request. And more followed after the building opened in June. International attention is not an everyday matter for the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre. The building provides a protected gathering place for visitors, who can enjoy the spectacular view through large panoramic windows.

Det er Norges nyeste turistattraksjon. Popular boat. The mail boat Stjernsund has crossed the waters of Buefjord on a combined postal and sightseeing route for the past eight years. You can take the local postal boat on a round trip of the islands of Solund. Someone makes a little noise so we can see their wingspan. Many would pay a lot for that. MS Stjernsund is both public transport and the postal carrier. In the Solund islands northwest of the Sognefjord, most things must have multiple functions. Island hopping in the Solund took a clear first place, scoring a knockout over such heavyweights as the Trollstigen mountain road, Pulpit Rock in Rogaland, the Bryggen wharf in Bergen, and the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo.

The number of stops is determined by whoever wants to get on or off and which post boxes need to be filled. That was the period when the population was most spread out on the 1, islands out here. But that was also the year when the first machine arrived and people started to make the transition from an agrarian society. A man named Roar Moen stands on the wharf with his nephew and sister, who scours wool. Moen runs a small coastal culture centre and wilderness school.

Young people from across Europe come here to experience nature and life as it was years ago. They row, sail old wooden boats, cut grass with sickles and make fires the old-fashioned way. Her ute sier man ikke nei takk til uadressert reklame. Det er godt lesestoff inne fra sivilisasjonen. Moe driver et lite kystkultursenter og villmarksskole. Irene og Ingunn Ingvaldsen vokste opp her ute.

Irene and Ingunn Ingvaldsen grew up here. Their father started a boat slip and shipping company. The store was shut down 14 years ago, but Gudrun still lives here.

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The daughters are on a summer visit with her grandchildren. Solund Mat skal videreforedle og selge fisk,. Enten det er sol eller kuling. He is fixing up a waterfront shed to make it a local food centre. The Solund Mat company aims to process and sell fish, scallops, wild mutton and venison. This small island community is at the top of national statistics for new business start-ups per capita.

Some million kroner euro Tom Erling Berghus moved here from the city of Bergen, via the village of Rauland, six years ago. The smell of sea salt, freshly cut grass and sheep is quickly replaced by the scent of fresh pancakes and coffee inside a year old waterfront shed. But she also runs a farm with sheep and rents out rooms in the yellow house on the wharf. Han er ikke bare kaptein. Enten det er sol eller kuling, sier hun. Lyren ligger i bollene, smiler hun lurt. The boat departs Hardbakke daily at 11 a. The round trip, including neighbouring Bulandet, costs kroner euro However, you can buy normal public transport tickets and get off where you want, and then take the boat back or onward the next day.

More information solund. This is the same route the Hurtigruten follows. The Pollack is in the cakes, she smiles. The sea air and gentle rocking of the mail boat has made the tone close-knit and jovial. Nearby, two men were engaged in a heated argument. The boat heads back to where it started, on mirror-like seas; past grey stone and bright green patches of fields; past blindingly beautiful, exotic and otherworldly landscapes. It was so boring on the sea.

You should come back when we have proper weather. At vi ikke fikk oppleve naturkreftene denne gangen. Saltdalshytta gir deg frihet! Hytta har kroker og karnapper som skaper en interessant fasade. Sleep like a rock star We look forward to welcome you to our new and very special hotel in Namsos from the 1st of November.

The hotel has 96 rooms and conference facilities for persons. For reservations and more information, see rica-hotels. There is a serious need for more aircraft in Asia and, in June, the airline purchased new Airbus As. And they want more. The aircraft will cost more than billion kroner euro 19 billion and the first plane will be delivered in Lufthansa has started daily flights between Frankfurt and Miami with room for passengers. A new terminal was built to serve the A and makes Miami the fifth airport in the United States with regular A service.

Just five airlines use the giant aircraft, which is too big for most airports. Med plass til passasjerer om bord flyr Lufthansa daglig fra Frankfurt til Miami. Bare fem flyselskap benytter seg av dette flyet, som er for stort for de fleste flyplasser. Turkish Airlines is out to get your attention by using Manchester United football players in their safetyon-board video.

Apparently, the view will be spectacular. In , airline seats will form themselves to suit the person using them. Further, it will also be possible to play virtual golf and fall asleep to the scent of a pine forest.. It is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. Now, they need to fly themselves. De skal helst fly selv. They are all safely parked right outside his front door, between the swimming pool and his private runway, making his Florida property seem like a glamorous small airport.

His concern about global warming has not, however, diminished his passion for flying. Navnet ble Jett. Easy access. Movie star John Travolta not only has his cars in the driveway, but also his planes. The superstar makes his entrance Hollywood style. Air Force when he was still in high school. He was told to come back when he was older, which he did, but as a radar technician.

He realized he did not want to be a fighter pilot because he might have to shoot someone. But the dream of feeling the wind under his own wings never faded for Freeman, so in , at age 65, he decided to make his boyhood dream come true. In , singer Jimmy Buffett invited Bono on a plane ride that could have turned out very badly: Police in Jamaica thought the plane was smuggling drugs and opened fire. He soon learned that manoeuvring a Cessna is no laughing matter.

For him, flying is about freedom and anonymity. He likes to take time off from his life in public, and he does that best up in the sky. The circle was completed when Holmes got her own 20 million dollar plane from the action hero when they got married. For the rest of us, sadly enough, that reduces the chance of bumping into one of them at the.

The flight number was Bush George Bush Sr. Their new pilot, Iron Maiden vocalist and airplane enthusiast Bruce Dickinson, worked for them this summer, flying tourists between the United States and Iceland. Supermom and action heroine Angelina Jolie could use an entire airplane just to bring her big family from one film set to the next.

Jolie is now so eager to spend a few hours in the sky that not even pregnancy can stand in the way, despite massive criticism in the news media about the lack of safety while flying alone and pregnant. And the sensation of flying seems to send Jolie around the moon. Oh, yes. Rumour has it that Brad Pitt has also started flying lessons. Perhaps he also wants a trip around the moon.

Iceland Express. Om det er bedre enn sex? Velg by, om du skal til eller fra flyplass - og deretter din holdeplass. Ha en fin tur! Arriving at Vancouver International Airport brings you straight down to Earth. Somehow, live fish seem a bit out of place at an airport. This is exactly what you might find in Vancouver. You might catch yourself standing, staring into a big aquarium at the end of a small river that runs through the Arrivals Hall. The fish tank has a volume of , litres about 30, gallons and home to types of plants and fish, including starfish, sea cucumbers, anemones and perch.

Some jellyfish float around in a smaller aquarium. If nothing else, it can quickly bring an air traveller back down to Earth. The Plaza Premium Lounge offers comfortable options, such as a nap or shower, a bite to eat from the buffet or TV watching. The lounge is on the third floor and is open daily from 9 a. Two hours costs about NOK euro You may feel a little pale after hours in the air.

You can get a quick make-up refresher in 15 minutes, a shoulder massage in 20 minutes, or a longer mud treatment on your scalp. Det er, vel, ikke helt deres element. Tanken rommer liter vann, og er oppholdssted for ulike planter og fisk. I et mindre akvarium flyter over hundre glassmaneter. To timer koster rundt kroner og gir deg tilgang til aviser, internett og en bar, eller du kan bare lene deg tilbake i sofaen og ut av de store vinduene beundre flyene som seiler inn og solen som senker seg over Canada.

Some want to spend as little time as possible there. Andre nyter hvert sekund. The German scholar may have done a lot of traveling in his lifetime, but did he spend hours waiting at an airport? I doubt it. I had to ask myself: Was travel more meaningful in his time? So here I am, sitting at the airport, with no choice but to sit here for many more hours.

But at an airport, you often wait for something nice, like reaching your destination or returning home. I have yet to spend several days stuck at an airport due to volcanic ash or heavy snow, so allow me to apologize in advance for my enthusiasm to those who have. There is simply something about airports that puts me in a special mood: A good mood. In addition to the vapour in the air from perfumes at the duty free shop, there is a sort of excitement in the air. I like what happens ahead of reaching your destination: The chance to have a little meeting with myself.

Time is precious and our modern society moves at a lightning pace. As I sit here, I reflect on the biggish questions in life, and not just on what to have for dinner. Det sa Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Til dere som har det, beklager jeg min begeistring. Men det er noe med flyplasser som setter meg i en spesiell stemning — en god en.

I tillegg til dunsten fra parfymene i dutyfree-butikkene, er det en slags spenning i lufta. Tiden er knapp, og samfunnet vi lever i er preget av et lynraskt tempo. Derfor nyter jeg denne lange ventetiden. As you sit there, aircraft float past you at eye level — one every 90 seconds. I used to take my laptop there and work for hours at a time; no luggage with me, no plane to catch. I was happy to sit, land-locked in the checkin hall, entertained by the traffic and by the endless procession of airline branding. Banks use logos that are safe and functional; airline logos are sprinkled with the magical wings of flight and the inspiring confidence of national pride.

And pride is what I feel at the airport — not a pride in myself, but a collective pride in the opportunities of the modern world. Nothing can empower you like the physical possibility of flight — the prospect of climbing up into the sky, looking down on our planet and being carefully laid down in a country of your choice. As far as your anonymous companions in the terminal are concerned, you really could be going anywhere. Suddenly, time is both all-controlling and utterly irrelevant. Airport shopping is the only sort where directionless browsing is entirely acceptable.

After a bit of that, I like to find a quiet seat near a window to observe the delicate ballet of aircraft choreography. The English philosopher and journalist Alain de Botton, who writes so adoringly on the subject, has led the way. But when you think about the magic of these buildings — and the small miracles of what happens around them — they really come to life. I det ligger en fin likeverdighet. Den britiske filosofen og journalisten Alain de Botton, som skriver nydelig om emnet, har ledet an.

Ever since I was little, I have loved being in the air. This is where I live: Above the clouds. Flying gives you the chance to be undisturbed. I find pleasure in knowing how flights around the world work together.

Aske Jacoby 7 februar 2019 Frederiksberg

I love the feeling of being at an airport and the wonderfully international and constant bustle around me. I have learned that dreams come true when you follow them with a passion, a notion that keeps bringing me back to airports, which gives me time to reflect and focus on plans and decisions. Life is better when you live it up in the sky.

When it comes down to it, observing, learning and travelling give you the personal experience needed to be a leader and make decisions that bring you to the right place. So the next time you are on your way through security and have to take off your shoes, watch, hat and belt, take a deep breath: On the other side of that metal detector, a fantastic travel experience awaits.

Hun har rett. Det er her jeg lever — over skyene. Jeg kan hundrevis av flyplasskoder utenat, hvilke selskaper som flyr til hvilke flyplasser og mellom hvilke byer. Tired of high travel expenses for yourself and your employees? We all know that being on a business trip and staying at a hotel can be expensive and impersonal. You will soon miss the freedom that an apartment provides. Apartment Hotel Norway offers short term rental in central Oslo. We offer different types of apartment according your needs.

The first criteria we used was an artistic one, and we tended to include in our listing books or portfolios that included original art work, and in this category we included pochoirs, that have however never been catalogued. For Picasso's books catalogue we used another key criteria: knowing or having strong indications that Picasso knew about the book before its publication, approved the inclusion of his illustrations or even selected them.

The present book contains out of the total posters contained in the Rodrigo catalogue. This means that we have left out some Rodrigo posters. The reason for doing so is a combination of two factors: none of the posters left out has an intrinsic artistic value, and besides we had the feeling that bringing the number of posters in our catalogue well beyond or entries would in fact have as a consequence dilluting the presence of the main object of this catalogue, i.

We should add in this connection that even exceeding the number of Czwiklitzer entries, the Rodrigo work is far from comprehensive, and we have in our files tens of posters not catalogued by Rodrigo, either because he missed them —and he missed some very good items— or simply because they were produced after his last included posters, i.

Our compilation contains also posters included in the Czwiklitzer dtv catalogue, which in total has entries. But the Orozco catalogue gives full entries to 31 'subordinate' posters that in the German catalogue appear as letters accompanying the main entry, i. This means that in the present compendium we have used in fact only 'main' Czwiklitzer dtv entries. We have therefore discarded 94 Czwiklitzer posters, not counting the 'subordinate' posters we have not included.

We also provide some additional entries, not counted in the total of main entries, which seek to clarify and or support the value of the poster or to explain the origin of the illustration used. We also unveil over one hundred posters not covered by either Czwiklitzer or Rodrigo. They undoubtedly have an interest in the study of Picasso's poster making endeavours. And last but not least, we uncover over tens of Picasso poster projects or realisations that were designed as posters and were displayed as such, but were formally only newspaper covers.

They were actually poster-sized and were posted as posters in the press-kiosks in the cities they were published. We shall describe these with more detail in our next chapter, devoted to Picasso's initiation to poster making. He participated in the call for tender but his design was not chosen. The newspaper La Publicidad said of the Picasso project: "Too bad the appearance of the poster is dirty and not very expressive!

The andalusian's design was finally used as cover of the restaurant's menu. As he saw he would not get the design for the restaurant advertising poster, Picasso designed a study for the board that would announce the day's menu. But this was not implemented either. Picasso did not manage either to get the poster-like job of designing the cover of the magazine Quatre Gats, which imitated Paris' Gil Blas. Without any result. He also designed that year a project for the advertising poster of the Barcelona daily El Liberal. No luck either, although two years later he managed to obtain the design of the poster-like front page of the newspaper dated October 5, The front page for El Liberal was by no means Picasso's first newspaper experience, as his interest in communication, and particularly in the press was already evident when he was not yet 13 years old.

The first issue of Azul y Blanco is dated 8 October , a couple of weeks before his twelfth birthday. Picasso produced a continuation of Azul y Blanco in in Barcelona. And in Madrid he created in the magazine Arte Joven. Richardson reports this interest in A Life of Picasso. It was founded by the sculptor Augustin-Alexandre Dumont in November Without success.

The beginnings of the poster were closely related to painting. In the same way, the great capacity for reproduction, motivated by the advances in lithographic techniques that allowed the systematic introduction of color, gave rise to the rapid extension of its use. Picasso was not very outspoken on possible influences and he never publicly expressed the impact that the end-of-century illustrators had on his beginnings.

More than the subjects, it is Steinlen's masterful pencil stroke that the Catalan painter will borrow, for his power, his nervousness, and above all his efficiency. A proof of this is his father's portrait. The invention of lithography in by Alois Senefelder had created an enormous boom in the poster industry in the XIX century. By , improved printing machines reached the speed of 10, per hour. In the meantime, technical progress continues, with photolitography by and offset lithography by The denigration to which he was subjected after the news of his adhesion were made public did only confirm his decision, which was not ideological, i.

And he clashed with the leadership of the party very soon after joining. In created a new aesthetic to mock the communist attempt to force him to adopt social realism. And he never accepted in his work to being a mere propagandist. Although the painter joins the party, he never disowns it —as one does not disown his family— and always receives with cordiality its leaders, especially Maurice Thorez Secretary General of the PCF from to , his public role is more that of a 'fellow traveler' than that of a card holder. Despite the abundant militant production of the painter, we have found only a single depiction of the hammer and sickle, a sign that did not come off the PCF in its members cards until , that is, 40 years after the death of Picasso.

Picasso, since he arrived in France at the beginning of the century, had always clashed with the French reactionary right that never ceased to denounce his painting and his status as a foreigner. These attacks had become especially virulent during the occupation, which provided the traditionalists with unusual protection, and Picasso observed with surprise after the liberation that many of his former enemies, the adversaries of progress, have not really been defeated, but rather they have managed to jump on the victors bandwagon.

Two days before announcing his accession to the PCF, Picasso had been invited to a dinner with General De Gaulle and had felt completely disappointed by the man that a month earlier he had taken control of the French government. Picasso estimates that after the war, those who rose to power are not very different from the collaborators who denigrated him. Hence, he decides to take sides and adhere to the block led by the PCF.

We have been infected with their smallpox. Picasso's biographer Pierre Daix, who on October was Chief of Staff of the Communist Minister of Air, Armament and Reconstruction Charles Tillon in Charles De Gaulle's government, says that the painter's adherence to the organization should not be interpreted in a 'partisan' sense but in a 'moral' sense of union with a movement that seemed at that moment as exemplary given its role as the motor of the resistance.

Daix also understands that the decision is part of the painter's search for a 'family' in which to integrate. In a similar way, tens of thousands of Spaniards were driven to join the then prestigious Communist Party of Spain in the seventies of the last century, on the eve or just after the restoration of democracy.

Picasso made many lithographs cataloged by Mourlot for the communist newspaper Le Patriote in Nice, edited by his friend Georges Tabaraud, whom he had met in The OAS which was in fact founded in Madrid plants bombs in its offices and in the private home of Tabaraud. Due to his Spanish nationality, which he never wanted to renounce, and his precaution of not speaking publicly on matters of French internal politics, Picasso had not been able to sign the Manifesto of the that was signed on September 6, by the left wing French intellectuals.

The Spaniard wanted to show, however, his solidarity with this cause and others with which the French Communist Party is identified by providing lithographs or drawings. For example, on March 24, he makes a beautiful lithograph La Danse des faunes R. But the cataloged works do not give an idea of the painter's strong commitment to the daily newspaper and the communists of the Cote d'Azur, nor of the important participation of Fernand Mourlot in all this business that escapes Picasso's sole prints dealer Kahnweiler.

By way of example, and apart from the numerous posters cataloged by Czwiklitzer and Rodrigo, we will cite here some of the editions of Picasso lithographs produced for the benefit of the PCF and especially the newspaper Le Patriote and not catalogued by Mourlot, some of which derived from the numerous covers of the newspaper that Picasso illustrated full-page.

They had print-runs of 1, or 2, unnumbered and unsigned copies plus numbered and signed impressions. We have decided to include many of these in our catalogue. Additionally, the lithographic version went to art dealers to provide funding. January Fou du Roi Carnival , lithograph in colors made from the cover of Le Patriote of February 18, printed at numbered copies and signed by Picasso, plus another thousand unsigned copies, all printed by Mourlot; February Portrait of Joliot-Curie, lithograph printed at numbered copies and signed by Picasso for the benefit of the Mouvement de la Paix.

November Danseur et musicien. In principle, the militant editions of the painter's lithographs should serve to popularize his art, making it accessible to the popular classes. But no one was deceived here, and Tabaraud himself would recognize decades later in conversation with Gertje R. Utley that in reality the lithographs were sold to art dealers, and not to ordinary citizens 3.

The party knew who to sell to get more out of the generosity of the painter. And Picasso challenged his dealer Kahnweiler. In fact, the pressure of art dealers resulted in Le Patriote being forced to put an end as from to the 'popular' edition to 1, or 2, copies, since the dealers pushed 3 Utley , p. Date: Size in cm. We illustrate here the cover of the first issue, done by Casas. Pere Romeu, the manager of Els Quatre Gats, quickly noticed Picasso, a young promise with a lot of potential. He commissioned Picasso to do various graphic works, a responsibility almost exclusive of Casas, but he trusted in him and commissioned an advertising poster of one of the most emblematic activities organised in the establishment: the puppet show.

Later on, in the spring of , Picasso was commissioned to produce the menu, an important element that reflects the trust in the young artist. Based on many sketches, Picasso situated the scene within the premises, surrounded by a table with a pointed arch in the background, an identifying feature of the tavern. Museu Picasso, Barcelona No. Plate sheet : Technique: original ink drawing Comment : The design of the previous carbon drawing evolved into a more elaborated draft for nother entrythe poster. The final job was the one reproduced in the final menu leaflet, reproduced in the next entry.

Plate sheet : Technique: Typography Comment : This was the final use of the Picasso designs for the restaurant poster. Ceta i tinta sobre paper. Courtesy of the Hunt Museum. MG Comment : As he saw he would not get the design for the restaurant advertising poster, Picasso designed a study for the board that would announce the day's menu.

October 5, Date: Size in cm. Exceptionally, the celebration did not take place on September 24, as is often the case since the municipal authorities decided to move the convocation a few days later, achieving the participation of numerous floats and wagons from all over Catalonia. At that time Picasso was newly installed in the family residence of Barcelona after returning from a stay in Paris.

In the drawing appear motifs that will become frequent in his work, such as motherhood that we can see in the foreground and that will later star in some of Picasso's blue period canvas. This is the same woman who a year later the painter will include in the painting "The tragedy", a deep reflection on poverty as a theme. This job and some other not strictly artistic and of which Picasso was very little lover the artist accepted them to be able to save enough and return to Paris, which he did after a short time. It was founded by the sculptor Augustin- Alexandre Dumont in November Plate sheet : 31 x 24 Technique: Zircongraphy Catalogue graphic work : Comment : This is one of Picasso's earliest drawings, who still signs Ruiz.

It clearly shows the influence of Toulouse Lautrec, whom he admires, and that of Degas and his dancers. We can also note the framing, the low-angle position of the painter. Paris Size in cm. Plate sheet :. The artist also began then to draw ballerinas and bodies in motion, a practice that will always accompany him. Picasso participated in a dozen ballet productions. If his involvement is sometimes limited to simple stage curtain, or indications for making it, he is very active in four major productions between and Parade , Le Tricorne , Pulcinella and Mercure His costumes, designed as cubist sculptures, as well as his horse, influenced by the Circassian world, contribute to the scandal of Parade while his colorful costumes promote the immense success of Le Tricorne.

For Mercure, emancipating from the Ballets Russes company, Picasso realized the sets and costumes of a series of surrealist "plastic poses" once again heckled at the premiere. Plate sheet : x 90,5. Plate sheet : Plate sheet : 52 x 98 Technique: Offset No. Plate sheet : 90 x 67 Printer: Heraclio Fournier No. Plate sheet : x and 60 x 40 Printer: Chabrillac No. Los Angeles: Wheatly Press, c, no. Plate sheet : 68,6 x 45,1 ; 55 x 36 Czwiklitzer Print run: Unknown Technique: Typography Comment: Czwiklitzer dates this poster in "?

Driven by an ideal of freedom and resistance, it affirms an antifascist and anti-Nazi line firmly anchored on the left. Its discreet diffusion and its firm but relatively suggestive stances have earned it some clemency on the part of censorship. Pure product of the context in which it was born, Traits magazine will not survive the end of the conflict. Picasso illustrated his books Les Grands Peintres par leurs amis. His offer of this original lithograph to help the review was done to prevent its disparition, which happened anyway.

Miguel Orozco No. The printer and his companions thought that the Andalusian was going to make a superb, well-formed and strong bull, but they saw that it was beginning to lose weight. The ninth state was probably chosen for the poster because until the 8th state the painter has followed a relatively logical process with a uniform structure. The bull still has a standard volume, an identifiable anatomy and has even recovered a recognizable head.

But it is precisely at that moment when the painter breaks with all forms of naturalism. On Saturday, January 5, armed with scraper and pen, he removes imperfectly the remains of washing that remained and arrives at a uniquely linear drawing that has little to do with the bull that had been drawing for a month.

He keeps the front legs as they were, but the hind legs are simplified and redefined. The bull's head turns towards the observer but the design is stylized and changed. The line of force from the hind legs to the head disappears completely, thereby amputating the animal of all logical structure.

Picasso leaves us with a linear drawing of a surrealist bull that loses all kinship with a fighting animal and approaches by its simplicity the drawings of the Cueva de Covalanas, also in Santander. In fact, Picasso already had the idea of reducing the bull to simple lines eleven days before. If we look at the lithograph Page de taureaux R. From this ninth state R. No commercial, signed edition is made, since only the last bull of the series was issued by Kahnweiler in a signed and numbered edition of These are simple still lifes with a glass and apples made in 5 or 4 soft colors: Nature morte aux trois pommes Reuse , M.

Picasso makes the drawing directly on a first stone, and the colors are added by means of paper cuttings transferred to successive stones. None of them is published commercially by Kahnweiler, since they were created for the above poster for a March Work and Culture conference at the Grand Amphitheatre de la Sorbonne. This was only possible because Picasso was then working at the Mourlot studio.

After an absence of several months, Picasso returned to Rue Chabrol on Monday, January 20, , when he made a series of lithographs depicting an owl perched on a chair. On Sunday 26 a series of fauns and centaurs will begin and will continue in February. And on February 2, , he began a series of lithographs that later resulted in his famous dove of peace. These are drawings with wash and gouache on lithographic paper, transferred to stone.

Mourlot are published commercially at 50 numbered and signed copies. However, we are in a position to state that Rodrigo is wrong. We have located several signed prints, but all with different signatures and none coincides with the one illustrated in Rodrigo 6. There was thus no edition with stamped signature.

Plate sheet : 58 x 35 60,5 x 40 in Czwiklitzer. He makes three tests with lithographic paper transferred to stone, all with rounded faces of fauns, and all three will give rise to posters slightly different in two colors, black and orange or brown. And nothing is wasted, since from the lithograph 25 numbered and signed copies are commercialized printed on Arches vellum paper of 50 by 65 cm, of the three states of black R.

Of each of the three posters, that is with text Czwiklitzer 1, 2 and 3; R.

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He must be referring to the impressions avant la lettre, but does not say so. All refer to the book lithograph unnumbered page 24 Comment : If Picasso's loyalty to the PCF, and especially to his comrades, does not deteriorate over the years, political relations with the party are distorted by the repression of Budapest in But the tension with the PCF is even greater in the aesthetic field. A year after joining the party, the art of Picasso begins to be criticized by the ideologues of the party. This struggle will be without quarter and will lead to an open rebellion of the painter, who to make it explicit even develops, with the book Le Chant des Morts, a new aesthetic in the antipodes of what prescribes the bosses of art in Moscow, aesthetics that he applies to hundreds of works, in lithography as in painting and ceramics In , Picasso had been in the party for almost three years, and the organization believes that the painter has to abide by its decisions.

Secretary-General Maurice Thorez, warned after the Casanova report in his closing address to the XI Congress in June: "To the disoriented intellectuals, lost in the labyrinth of interrogations, we bring certitudes, unlimited development possibilities. We call on them to depart from the false problems of individualism, decadent aestheticism, and to give meaning to their lives by linking them to the lives of others. We ask them to extract from a lively contact with the popular masses the impulse and the force that will allow them to obtain durable works ". Shortly afterwards, on August 11, the president of the Union of Soviet Painters Alexander Michailov Gerassimov publishes in Pravda a true invective against Western painting, pointing out that "Soviet art is developed in the struggle against the formalist art of bourgeoisie.

The West always poisons the pure air of Soviet art It is inconceivable that at an identical level of development, Soviet art can sympathize with the decadent bourgeois art represented by those professors of formalist thought who are the French Matisse and Picasso ".. Picasso's patience with the party has come to an end. From now on he will not tolerate more criticism attacking his painting with the excuse of formalism, and in fact he will reinforce the provocation with a new aesthetic that corresponds exactly to what the communists criticize.

In his effort to create this new aesthetic that defies the convention and the attempts to impose realism by the communist party, Picasso at that time draws from his sketches of November As we had seen, in the drawings there was an affinity with the Carnet de Juan-les-Pins of Picasso performs the illustrations with one pull, as a single uniform work and not in several deliveries.

It is not lithographs or 63 zinc plates , but a single symphonic work. For two weeks he locked himself with the plates until he completes the book in March The aesthetics of the Chant des Morts not only pervades Picasso's lithographic work, but he also uses it in painting.

The most significant example is his large painting 'La cuisine' in its two versions of equal size by cm, Zervos XV. This picture appears to us as one of the most complex ever made by the Malaga painter. He arrives there through various paths that come from his youth and in it he sublimates aspirations at both aesthetic, moral, political and affective For those who still harbor doubts about Picasso's deliberate intention to create his new aesthetic, Zervos recalls that these paintings "do not only express their plastic merits but also declare a number of hidden purposes.

Picasso affirms through Zervos that he will not renounce the vehemence of his struggle for peace, but that this will not separate him from his furious reprobation of everything that appears in his eyes as an obstacle to the freedom of the artist. Whether it is intellectual, moral or political control, Picasso has refused since his youth to be destabilized. And he concludes by stating that if he has created this new aesthetic it is precisely to establish clearly the disparity of his work with the resolutions of the Marxists, all whose thoughts must adhere to his ideological system The cuisine and still lifes mentioned above are not the only or the first non-lithographic works in which Picasso uses the designs of the Chant des Morts Pica, but they are inserted in a period of several months in which a good part of his work uses that aesthetic.

Like in lithography, Picasso continues to use in painting the aesthetics of the book in the months following its publication. He was undoubtedly uneasy about the long absence of the painter, and the pretext of the visit is to present the proofs of the interpretation color lithographs made by Henri Deschamps for the second volume of the catalog, to ask him to make three original works for him, and also to remind him that he had not yet made the illustrations that he had promised for a book by Tristan Tzara.

The return to Mourlot is marked by the portentous portraits of his sons Paloma and Claude, made on Sunday, April 16, , by impregnating his index finger with lithographic ink and drawing on a 50 by Three weeks later, on Friday, May 5, he made a 25 by There is in fact a current edition of this small guide of 21 by 13 cm.

What Picasso does is to darken the background with lithographic ink applied with a brush and let the white empty spaces define the pigeon, finished with a very light wash that produces different shades of gray. The objective is to obtain sophisticated nuances that reproduce what the white plumage of a pigeon looks like depending on the light it receives.

According to Mourlot, it is one of the most beautiful lithographs ever made. It is printed on January 9, , at the usual five artist proofs and an edition of 50 copies numbered and signed by Picasso. The artist had learned to paint pigeons from his father, a specialized in precisely this subject and who he says he stopped painting precisely when he saw a perfect drawing of a pigeon made by his son.

This lithograph was reproduced in thousands of copies in small size. Aragon chose this lithograph for two reasons: on the one hand, the dove has been a symbol from the Bible and since the time of the catacombs the Christian logo of peace and because the use of a dove already had the agreement of the party, so hard to please sometimes. On the other hand, the poet was lucky, because among the painter's production in those months, the only figurative work there was was that pigeon. The others belonged to a style that Aragon inveighed and attacked from his privileged position in the cultural apparatus of the Communist Party.

Picasso's dove will soon become a new universal symbol of peace. The work of 50 by 65 cm represents the faces of two young people and a dove of peace in the center. This is Jeunesse R. From this plate, Mourlot prints in June 5 artist proofs and 50 copies that are numbered and signed by Picasso, as always for the benefit of the PCF. Then, the drawing of the zinc is passed to stone, and with it, a thousand copies are printed on a format of 80 by cm.

And there is still an edition at a reduced size of 40 by 60 cm, also printed by Mourlot but where the reduction has been done by photomechanical procedures. The World Congress of Partisans for Peace had formally written on July 17 to ask him to illustrate the poster announcing its second congress to be held in October But we suppose that Aragon and his comrades from the PCF had already prepared, so that the letter would be sent only if Picasso was going to accept.

And in fact, on July 9, , the painter made four models with pencil, wash drawing and gouache on lithographic paper. Of these, four lithographs result. The first, La Colombe en vol, fond noir R. But the painter must have lost the lithographic paper. More than two years later, Picasso finds it rolled up in a corner of his studio in Vallauris and sends it to Mourlot, who prints it with 5 artist proofs and 50 numbered and signed copies. He uses here pencil and lithographic ink bar. And still on the same day two other doves are drawn directly on a zinc plate R.

The first one is published commercially in and the second one is finally chosen for the congress poster, which is involved in some confusion. There is an attempt to celebrate it in London, but it faces opposition from the British government. However, the poster is printed with French text indicating London as the venue of the celebration, and also with English text, although in this case the place of celebration indicated is Sheffield, which is where the conference finally took place, attended by the painter between November 11 and The British authorities do not dare to prohibit the entry into the country of Picasso, but if they prevent the entry of the other sixty delegates arriving from France, and the congress has to be reconvened in Warsaw a few days later.

After the zinc is transferred to stone this is used to pull 5, copies of the poster of 80 by cm. Here, too, the poster is reduced to 40 by 60 cm to be reissued 'commercially', that is, for the benefit of the Movement for Peace promoted by the PCF. Picasso is asked to make the the poster announcing the Congress in the fall of that year. He made several projects in lithography, submitting them to the party and obtaining negatives, and in the end the poster will be reproduced by photomechanical procedures. Fortunately, the cautious Picasso had made after the first rejection of the PCF, at the same time as the lithograph Colombe volant R.

This is the last alternative that remains for the party, which agrees to use the drawing for the poster of the conference. The result of reproducing the drawing by photomechanical procedures is printed in lithography by Mourlot at a large size x 80 cm but it is evidently not cataloged as an original lithograph. However, it appears in the poster catalogs Czwiklitzer Size in cm. You know that Russia purges for political reasons even the very music. We believe in the absolute and catholic freedom of the human soul.

Know then, that despite your current communism, we consider your anarchic genius as an inseparable heritage of our spiritual empire and your work as a glory of Spanish painting. From the moment the idea of the biennial in Madrid was launched, to which he was invited, Picasso, who at no time thought about participating, mobilized Spanish and Latin American artists denouncing the maneuver and urging them to say that they will not participate in it 8. Despite the call for boycott by Picasso and the exiled painters in France, most of the invited painters agreed to participate.

Picasso made a lithographic pencil drawing of Don Quixote and Sancho for the exhibition on November 4th. The painter also wrote the text and signed on the plate. The poster is printed at copies, with an ocher background and a format of 48 by 65 cm. Another hundred proofs are also printed on vellum paper with an additional signature by the painter with graphite pencil, to be sold by the Henri Tronche Gallery for the benefit of the Spanish exiles.

In November we found a copy of that poster with additional signature for sale at Galerie Bordas in Venice. Two other poster projects R. These two magnificent portraits were made to serve as cover and back cover of Volume II of the Mourlot catalog of Picasso lithographs, printed at 2, copies, which makes them accessible to most collectors. This is, at the time of publication of the work, because today they cost several thousand Euros. He makes nine lithographs with drawings of flowers, plants, insects and a pair of frogs that deliberately have nothing to do with the text of the book.

Like the portraits of his children, these The lithographs of plants and flowers are reminiscent of the aquatints he drew in the spring of to illustrate another book published in Histoire Naturelle Textes de Buffon Cramer From then on, each year, Picasso honored the newspaper with a new artistic cover. It later became an organ of the Communist Party section in the Alpes-Maritimes. Very quickly, the newspaper created a link with the artists of the region. Picasso's support of the Nice newspaper has an explanation: it constituted, especially through its director Georges Tabaraud, his main contact with the PCF bases during his long residence on the Cote d'Azur.

The journalist had presented himself to the painter in the summer of in Golfe-Juan and his friendship, which Tabaraud reflected in a memoir 11, lasted until the death of the painter. The journalist helped the Andalusian to study the enormous amount of requests for material help that came to him. Picasso simply passed the petitions after reading them to Tabaraud, but not before recording with an inscription "Look" or "Attention" those requests he did not want to go unnoticed.

Plate sheet : 81 x 59 Print run: Technique: Offset : No. Plate sheet : 65 x 46,5 Print run: impressions? Plate sheet : 65 x 46,5 Print run: impressions in Canson paper total including all colors Technique: photo-lithograph Printer: Mourlot Catalogue graphic work : Bloch No. Plate sheet : 66 x 51 80 x 60 Print run: impressions? Plate sheet : x 70 Print run: Unknown number of impressions in two different papers Technique: offset Printer: S. But Mourlot only mentions one size: 61 x 40 cm.

Plate sheet : 54 x 43 Print run: numbered impressions Technique: offset lithograph Printer: Unknown No. Plate sheet : 74 x 75 cm Print run: Unique work Technique: Gouache on card laid down on canvas Comment : This is the original Picasso gouache that gave origin to the famous foulard illustrated in the following posters.

New York 14 May Painted in Provenance Anon. Acquired at the above sale by the late owner. Lot Essay Maya Widmaier-Picasso has confirmed the authenticity of this work. Claude Picasso has confirmed the authenticity of this work. It became an arena where intellectuals were able to wield their authority and prestige. In , Picasso painted his famous response to the German bombing of the Basque village of Guernica, and from there he became a symbol of antifascism, specifically of the struggle against fascism of artists and intellectuals.

The present work is the original gouache which was used to create a scarf in honor of the Festival Mondial de la Jeunesse et des Etudiants pour la Paix in Berlin in August That dove is here surrounded by four profiles representing European, African, Asiatic and American Indian cultures.

The same design was utilized again in posters for the Prague spring festival in fig. Allegra Bettini ABettini christies. Plate sheet : 70 x 55 ; 66 x 50 Print run: Unknown No. Plate sheet : 65 x 43,5 Print run: plus 80 avant la lettre on Chiffon de Maudeure of 58 x 43 cm Technique: offset Printer: Atelier Rigal, Fontenay aux Roses Comment : Rodrigo mentions this poster, but does not describe not illustrate it. Plate sheet : 57 x 41 Print run: impressions. Rodrigo mentions 50 numbered and signed impressions, without clarifying that he must refer to the original lithograph on which this poster is based see references below.

That same day he returns to the theme of the bull with another lithograph on a large zinc plate Le taureau noir M. Sotheby's sold at auction N of November 1, an artist proof signed in red for 16, dollars. In fact, the two drawings on lithographic paper transferred to stone R. Plate sheet : 66,5 x 52 79 x 60 ; 90 x 60 Rodrigo Print run: impressions, all numbered and signed Czwiklitzer and Rodrigo.

Plate sheet : 67 x 53 90 x 59,5 Print run: impressions. Rodrigo mentions, citing Brigitte Baer, 15 artist proofs, some signed, and a second print run. Plate sheet : 67 x 53 75,5 x 59 Print run: impressions in second print run. Plate sheet : 60 x 50 Print run: Technique: offset Czwiklitzer, Rodrigo. We believe, however, that this poster may have been printed in lithography, on which the printer was specialized. Plate sheet : 60 x 50 Print run: unknown number of impressions Technique: offset Czwiklitzer, Rodrigo.

We believe, however, that this poster may have been printed in lithography, on which the printer was specialized Printer: Imprimerie Moderne du Lion, Paris Fernand Chenot Comment : Although both Czwiklitzer and Rodrigo rule out the existence of avant la lettre impressions, we have found some of them. Juin - Octobre Plate sheet : 50 x 35 Printer: L. He claims there were editions on paper of 65 x 50, 66 x 50 and x 66 cm. We have not found any evidence in the markets of the existence of editions other than the one signalled by Czwiklitzer 66 x 50 cm. Picasso knew that he could not choose between helping the Spanish exile through the PCF or directly through his contacts with the clandestine PCE or the organizations it managed to reconstitute years after the French government ban.

Nor could he reject providing aid to exiles organizations dominated by other parties. That is why he had to extend his assistance to practically all the requests that came to him. Miguel Orozco 12 Utley , pp. The two had been friends and Ilia Zdanevich felt that the writer's work had been under-appreciated in her lifetime, having not received recognition in either mainstream or avant- garde literary circles.

It was his aim, especially in the later part of his career to bring to light the work of marginal writers by collaborating with famous artists, many of whom were his close companions. Picasso chose to illustrate the Baroness' epic poem with a procession of horses, simplistic in style yet dramatic in impact.

The book as a whole is representative of Iliazd's talent in reinventing and combining the work of different artists to create something which is reflective of his own creative vision. His interest in the representation of language meant he constructed a 'text' which was not circumscribed by limits of a literary work and had its own identity. Thebook was published at 68 copies 52 on Vieux Japon.

Signed by Picasso and Ilizad on the limitation page. With 12 engravings, of which 2 are outside the text and 10 are in text. Pages are folded in three with engraving in centre and text either side. One of the important collaborations between Picasso and designer, publisher and writer Iliazd, this volume features 16 original black and white drypoints illustrating the accounts of a Castillian Franciscan's travels in Africa during the 14th century.

Iliazd's layout, moreover, reads like a tour of Black Africa, uncovering one unknown land after the other. The text is composed in irregular typography, with varying spaces between the letters. Which indicates that when less than four weeks were left for the closure of the exhibition, the poster with letters was not yet ready. This fact, together with the exceptional quality of the lithograph and the short print run points to a typical poster meant to be sold to collectors, and certainly not to be glued to walls to announce the exhibition.

Offered with a Certificate of Provenance, signed, dated, stamped, and numbered by Eric Mourlot grandson of Fernand. Plate sheet : 66 x 44 70 x 48 according to Czwiklitzer. On a copy of the book owned by Gilberte Duclaud, the painter takes this lithograph and completes it with nine additional colors, in addition to dedicating it to the gallerist and her husband Serge, to serve as cover for the luxury copies of the second edition of the book by the gallery owner Ces peintres nos amis edited by his Galerie 65 in Cannes. The painters had known Duclaud much earlier. La Galerie 65 had been inaugurated in with an exhibition by Picasso.

And two years later Gilberte repeated the operation, convincing the painter that the wealthy tourists who came to the Riviera were a clientele as good as that of Paris. The painter accepts and prepares for the exhibition held between August 14 and September 30, a beautiful poster in six colors light green, brown, blue, dark green and two violets.

From this poster R. But one hundred copies will also be printed on Arches paper of 77 by 57 cm with margins, numbered and signed by Picasso. This poster is yet another proof more of a certain underestimation of Picasso posters. It was executed by the painter and printer with the same or greater care than many of his lithographs published by the Galerie Louise Leiris. In short, the posters are original work of the same value as any other graphic work and are made and printed with the same commercial purpose: that collectors acquire them. Picasso not only prepares the poster, but he also agrees to illustrate with an original lithograph the catalog of the exhibition, which exhibits engravings, lithographs and drawings made between and , as well as a single oil painting: one of the many portraits made in of his model Sylvette David Z.

XVI: To prepare this catalog, Picasso does on Sunday June 3 in Cannes a modest and small black drawing 8 by 12 cm of a faun and a child. Le Faune et l'Enfant R. These proofs on Japanese paper have a difference with the others: they keep the indications of Picasso to the printer regarding the order of colors: I for violet, II for blue, III for ocher and IV for green.

The copies of the current edition of this beautiful lithograph are quoted at auctions for several hundred euros. This lot was estimated between 4 and 6, dollars. But in addition to the 50 luxury copies other copies were also printed with marks but without numbering or signing, since we have found one for sale in the Galerie Michael of Beverly Hills reference It is printed on Japan paper but does not have a number or signature.

The clever Gilberte Duclaud is in fact doing, with the complicity of the painter, the competition to Galerie Louise, editing and printing posters, catalogs and even original lithographs. He forgets that the Chant des morts illustration was a lithograph, pulled from the same zinc plate as the one of the book which it announced, whereas in this case, the original work was a etching and dry point, and the poster is a lithograph. Not comparable. Plate sheet : 60 x 40 Print run: Unknown Technique: Offset Comment : This is a reprint of the poster, with inscriptions by the participants No.

Plate sheet : 19,5 x 12,5 49,5 x 32,5 ; Print run: unknown Technique: Typography Printer: Imprimerie Union, Paris Catalogue graphic work : Comment : This is an original Picasso poster, designed by the artist. Rodrigo indicates, wrongly, that the image size is 23,5 x 15,5 cm, which is actually the sheet size of the avant la lettre edition. Plate sheet : 19,5 x 12,5 Czwiklitzer and Rodrigo talk of typography, but it is likely that prestigious auction houses are right in describing this work as a lithograph. It looks plausible that Broder asked Mourlot, who did other work for him this year, to print copies of this edition.

Plate sheet : x 60 and 61 x 30,5 Print run: impressions in large size and in smaller size Technique: Offset Czwiklitzer. Plate sheet : 76,2 x 50,8 Technique: Offset No. Plate sheet : 50 x 36 Print run: impressions, of them numbered Technique: Photo lithograph Printer: Richard, Paris Comment : The lithograph is glued to a typographic poster. It is further described below. This was one of Picasso's last portraits of Gilot before the relationship floundered in the autumn of Plate sheet : 84 x 60 Print run: impressions No.

Septembre - Octobre Date: Size in cm. Matarasso, Nice Date: Size in cm. Matarasso Gallery in Nice between the 21st December and January 31, The gallery was the subsidiary that the Parisian publisher Henri Matarasso had opened in Nice in , leaving it in the hands of his son Jacques. Picasso works quickly but conscientiously. His first attempt is already an achievement. He made a beautiful profile portrait of Jacqueline's face with pencil on transfer paper passed to stone of 42 by 51 cm Profil en trois couleurs, R.

However, we think there are more copies. But the portrait is black and probably he had been asked for color, so the painter, who was probably satisfied with just one color, adds two zig-zag lines on report papers, one in brown and the other in gray, which are passed to stone.

But something happens: either the magnificent result does not please, or Picasso decides that the first attempt was so beautiful that he had to edit it. Especially when his dealer in Paris is quite jealous of exhibitions in the provinces. Mourlot explains that it has been a sudden decision of the painter, who has felt inspired to make another portrait even more beautiful.

In any case, the fact is that on Tuesday, December 4, just over two weeks before the exhibition opens, he makes another attempt from scratch. The evidence that there has been a certain conflict and we are facing a compromise solution is that the second lithograph is no longer printed by Mourlot. The result is another beautiful lithograph Portrait de Jacqueline, R. This time the painter draws with several types of lithographic pencil to obtain different shades of black directly on a zinc plate provided by printer Jo Berto Joseph Bertocchio of Marseille.

A first proof is printed in black and it is satisfactory, moving then to print another proof with the text R. But again someone says that color is needed, so the painter adds some scribbles that are pulled in gray and brown that add the required color note. From this beautiful lithograph R. One of these copies was put on sale at the auction of the Artcurial-Briest-Poulain- F. The estimated price was between 8 and 10, Euros.

Another proof, No. Christie's on the other hand had sold at auction No. Luis Miguel el Other facts prove that many artist proofs were printed: Phillips auction house in New York sold on 8. Neither the counterfeiter nor the auction house had a reasoned catalog at hand.

But attendees at the auction paid at the price of a false signature: only Australian dollars. Of the edition of the poster with text, copies are printed on somewhat larger vellum paper 70 by 50 cm. In any case, and in regard to his freedom with respect to his Parisian art dealer, the painter did not budge and edited again signed lithographs without the intervention Galerie Louise. A reservation: this time Mourlot has not been the printer, and it has been made with offset machines, which is evident when observing that the date is legible, while if it had been printed with the zinc plate would appear inverted.

This does not detract the quality of these two magnificent lithographs, which is recognized by Mourlot himself. The second concession that the painter has to accept is that the circulation of the poster be reduced: from the 2, copies that have been printed of the poster of the Galerie 65, it is only in the case of Matarasso R. This limitation of number is corrected, however, because as soon as the modest printer Berto prints his copies of the poster, Picasso asks Devaye Imprimeur in Cannes, who had already printed additional copies of the poster announcing the exhibition la la Galerie 65 in the previous summer R.

It is likely that the total number of copies of the poster printed by Devaye is , because this would complete the copies that we got used to. In any case, no reasoned catalog refers to the intervention of the Cannes printer, which is in our view essential because it was clear that none of the copies of the lithographic edition was going to be wasted by being stuck in a wall of Nice. The Devaye poster is beautiful and decorative, but collectors, always armed with a good magnifying glass, must be careful not to be given a pig for a hare.

A non-lithographic poster of Picasso can be beautiful and ornamental, but its artistic value is zero. In any lithograph, the link with the artist is direct, while a four-color process is nothing more than a photograph of the work itself, that is, of the lithograph. For this poster printed by Devaye there are gallerists who ask for hundreds of euros, while we think that their price should be counted rather in tens. The existence of the four-color edition removes value from the original edition in lithography, however much the two are clearly distinguishable, not only with a magnifying glass, but because the second one mentions the two printers, Devaye and Berto written below to the left and right respectively, while the original only bears the name of Berto on the bottom right.

We have not found any more examples of sales at auction or available in galleries, which is strange given its large print run of copies plus the well-known artist copies. We suspect that there are in antiquarians unidentified copies waiting for a alerted collectors to arrive. The book was also published in editions in English Art in Posters and German Kunst Im Plakat , and is sold today for no less than 1, euros per copy.

Plate sheet : 51,5 x 38,5 70 x 50 Print run: only a few trial proofs Technique: original 1 color lithograph Printer: J. Plate sheet : 51,7 x 38,3 66,6 x 50,8 Print run: only a few trial proofs Technique: original 1 color lithograph Printer: J. Plate sheet : 51,5 x 38,5 70,5 x 50 Print run: unknown number of impressions ?

Plate sheet : 37,5 x 53 74 x 54 Rodrigo curiously talks of an edition of the poster in 73 x 45 cm paper, i. Although this exhibition is, from the artistic point of view much more important than Matarasso's books show, Picasso only makes a small lithograph with a stone of The lithograph R. Picasso also makes another lithograph for the poster announcing this exhibition. It is a festive but simple composition of dancing fauns realized in three colors drawing in violet, and small touches of green and orange on report paper passed to stone of 37 by 52 cm.

But we know that the usefulness of a Picasso poster printed by Mourlot is not to serve as an advertisement, but to be sold to collectors. The poster was printed at copies of 73 by 45 cm, but here there is no avant la lettre edition numbered and signed, as it happened with the galleries in Cannes and Nice. To further derision, Picasso asks Mourlot to reserve for him 25 copies of the poster's lithograph without text, copies that he undoubtedly used to 'trade' them in gifts or exchanges.

Mourlot even adds a doubt about the poster itself, pointing out that the text, which the painter had composed by hand, had not been executed in lithography, but rather in photolithography. In short, Picasso has fulfilled his commitment to the Parisian gallery, with which he has been working for fifty years, but has given them less than to his two new galleries on the Riviera.

Do not forget that if in oil paintings, sculptures and drawings the rights of Kahnweiler are limited, since the gallery owner only has a right of choice at pre-established rates, while the exclusivity is in principle total in terms of graphic work. He is naturally wrong. Czwiklitzer, on the other hand, mentions the edition of impressions, but states that these correspond to the poster, ignoring the existence of an avant la lettre edition.

We also illustrate here an impression with color indications. The painter becomes unfaithful to his dealer the month after his visit in June, Again a transgression, since Mourlot prints apart from the copies of the poster R. To our knowledge, the illustration of the poster, although printed in lithography, has had to be reduced by photomechanical procedures, since leaving ample space in its base to include the details of the exhibition, it nevertheless has the same size as the avant la lettre edition.

The drawing has therefore been reduced. The painter even colors by hand some copies, all to be sold for the benefit of the Museum of Modern Art of the city, opened in Interestingly, Picasso or Mourlot inscribed wrongly the name of his friend on the poster, writing 'Nanolo Huguet'. But nobody dares to remind him or change the title of the poster, printed to announce an exhibition of works of Catalan held between August and October But Picasso did notice when he saw the proofs and asked for a correction, which was duly carried out by Mourlot, but not in time to have the poster ready for the exhibition.

He therefore took a copy of the corrected avant la lettre impression and colored it. Plate sheet : 45 x 60 No. In fact, the original work is not a lithograph, but an original ink drawing on paper Jeux de Centaures, 59,7 x 75,6 cm. The present poster constitutes thus a manipulation of the Picasso design, changing the orientation and size of two of the figures of the drawing.

Plate sheet : 60 x 42 Print run: impressions Technique: Offset No. Reinheimer, Darmstadt Comment : This is the final poster print run of No. Plate sheet : 74 x 58,5. Plate sheet : 13,3 x 22,3 50 x 33 ; 49 x 32 Rodrigo Print run: 50 impressions, of which 10 signed Technique: original linocut Czwiklitzer and Rodrigo ; We believe it is a reproduction. In fact, the impression on 24 x 15,6 cm paper is that of the cover of a book Cramer 89, Orozco Books and not a poster.

In our opinion, and in view of our discovery of the following entry, it is the book that has the original linocut, sized 7,8 x 13 cm Jeu de ballon sur une plage. The poster being a photomechanical enlargement of the book cover. Plate sheet : 64 x 53 x 65 Print run: unknown number of impressions Technique: linocut? However, Rodrigo denies the existence of any other poster using this illustration No.

Plate sheet : 65 x 53 79 x 61 Print run: Unknown number of impressions Technique: original linocut? Picasso used some to offer, dedicated, to friends, like photographer Lucien Clergue here. Date: ? This period begins in January with the design of the dish with a human face that would use so much.

This institution of the PCF was one of the main beneficiaries of the painter's generosity. Housed in an ostentatious villa in front of the Elysee Palace, the establishment barely had an operating budget and Picasso managed on numerous occasions to organize exhibitions there, without caring about the absence of the most basic infrastructures. For the cover of the exhibition catalogue, the painter makes an undated picture with lithographic pencils for the background of the pumpkin and the text orange, see photo , and green for the outline and the pupil of the eyes.

The white hole of the eyes, nose and mouth is achieved by sticking a cut paper to the drawing. All this is passed to a 15 by 22 cm stone R. The painter also makes for the poster of the exhibition a similar but larger drawing in lithographic papers reported to stones of 40 by 59 cm.