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Midnight for Charlie Bone (Charlie of the Red King, Book 1) [Jenny Nimmo] on *FREE* Book 1 of 8 in the Children Of The Red King Series.
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An ancient school in the middle of nowhere for magical children — you might think Harry Potter — well yes and no. There are similarities but this series by jenny Nimmo is very different but will be very much enjoyed by fans of Harry Potter, particularly the year olds. There are 8 in all and in each one the plots twist and turn unpredictably and the stories are truly magical, fun and very enjoyable.

Charlie must continue to use his powers against the evil Bloors - werewolves, hypnotists, mind-readers, sorcerers and witches - to try and find his father.

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Alongside Olivia, Fidelio, Benjamin and Emma battles are won and their small victories are interwoven with Charlie's long and dangerous quest to find his father. Here the eternal conflict within families, the battles of siblings divided by jealousy and by their perceptions of good and evil, right and wrong.

This is the second in the series of 8 in all featuring Charlie Bone, a boy endowed with magical powers. The plots twist and turn unpredictably and the stories are truly magical, fun and very enjoyable. Will good triumph over evil and right over wrong in the end?

Charlie Bone and the Red Knight Series

Charlie is a ten-year-old who discovers that he has inherited supernatural powers and is sent off to a special academy to refine them. Some will say the series has echoes of the Harry Potter books but Charlie, unlike Harry, possesses the unique gift of being able to look at a photograph and suddenly hear the conversations and thoughts that took place at the time it was taken, which is how he discovers he is a distant relation of the Magical Red King. The series has been a global phenomena in the English language but it has also been translated into over 20 languages including Japanese, Norwegian and Serbian!

Bestselling Series

British author, Jenny Nimmo, has lived in Wales for many years and she says she gets much of her inspiration from Welsh myths and legends. It could well have been many more but Jenny did not begin writing in earnest until she became a mother, though she had always written far-fetched, sometimes gory tales when she was in her teens. She says, "A lot of people, my teachers particularly, used to throw my books back at me and tell me not to write such rubbish so I took them at their word and I stopped writing. Perhaps if I'd persevered then I might have started writing earlier, but I didn't have the confidence.

There are eight books in the series and to read them in order see the list below.

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Children of the Red King Series: 1. She is probably best known for two series of fantasy novels: The Magician Trilogy — , contemporary stories rooted in Welsh myth, and C hildren of the Red King — , featuring Charlie Bone and other schoolchildren endowed with magical powers. This field is required. Oksa Pollock: The Last Hope.

Charlie Bone und der scharlachrote Ritter Hörbuch von Jenny Nimmo

The Oksa Pollock series has legions of fans all over the world, and this first installment leaves us in no doubt why. Iremonger: Heap House. At the heart of Heap House, amongst the piles of rubbish that cover the London borough of Filching, Clod Iremonger can hear his bath-plug speaking to him. Read more about Iremonger: Heap House.

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Search the site Search term is required. Midnight For Charlie Bone. Author: Jenny Nimmo Publisher: Egmont. Jenny Nimmo Jenny Nimmois a British author of children's books, including many fantasy and adventure novels, chapter books, and picture books. Yes, both series are about a boy with special powers, but I think that in general Charlie Bone gets darker more quickly. That said nobody dies or almost dies, so in that way they're easier for young readers. I struggle finding good series for my first grader who has nearly a fourth grade reading level- Charlie Bone fits that bill.

It's reading level is high enough for her without the maturity level required by other series. Says it's not in a format iBooks can open.

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I do love this series though. Customer Reviews See All.