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David M. Ellis, James A. Frost, Harold C. Syrett, and Harry J. Carman, A History . Record of Members, St. Thomas Ward, St. George Stake, Miscellaneous Records, Levi Jackman, Journal, –, 8–14 May, 11 June , photocopy of MS, Bancroft, History of Utah (San Francisco: The History Company, ).
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Sources of population data available for various towns and missions. Compiled by Bancroft Library staff. Postcards illustrate California towns and scenery, showing buildings, landscapes, attractions, and related scenes. Emigration to United States in ; association with Christian Brothers and Paul Masson wineries; brandy making in California; development of Salinas Valley as a wine grape producing district; advertising programs, public relations and promoting California wines, etc.

Group and individual portraits : a banquet of the California Press Association ; and photos of the convention of the California Typothetae. Also includes portraits of California governor Friend W. Includes 5 clipper cards advertising ships departing for California, and 6 California views: 3 of San Francisco, 1 of San Jose, 1 of Tehachapi Pass and 1 scene of California gold miners.

Case records for prisoners in San Quentin, Folsom, and California Institution for Women penitentiaries, sequentially arranged by case number. Include transcripts of proceedings before the Board of U. Land Commissioners, the U. District Court, and, occasionally, the U. Johnson's administration as governor of Calif. Stickers, seals, and small labels illustrate and promote events in California Olympic Games, fairs, conventions, shows, festivals, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, Golden Gate International Exposition, etc. Fragmentary files, consisting primarily of samples of such material as statistical tabulations and reports stock sheets, weekly reports, mill reports, etc.

Knowland as state senator; gubernatorial and presidential campaigns, especially Republican convention Shasta area, a view of the town of Santa Barbara, a Montecito country road, and a photomechanical print collotype of a Photographs show the family home in Fairview, Ohio; E. Sheppard; a family group including Mr. Sheppard; and a cyanotype of Sheppard's house at Taylor St. Photographs of various mission revival style buildings on the campus of the California School for the Deaf, Berkeley, Calif. Three letters to Mrs. Bechtel one with incorrect name in the greeting and an invitation and parking voucher, related to the launching of the S.

Benjamin Goodhue on Mar. Also includes a caricature of K. Bechtel in Concerning overland journey to Oregon, ; move to Yreka Creek, ; experiences in the Yreka mines. Articles of incorporation; board minutes; county chapters papers; legislative and social action papers; issues of Advance, the newsletter of the CSWO; scrapbooks with photos of meetings, awards, newspaper clippings, etc.

Also includes Also includes the Society's Circular no. Playing cards decorated with various views from around California including scenery, city views, hotels, missions, etc. Correspondence and subject files of the Committee on Scientific Research. Comments on teaching career; service as Superintendent of Public Instruction, ; working with State Board of Education, the legislature, and governors Warren, Knight and Brown; development of master plan for higher education; role as ex officio member of Regents of Contain correspondence, reports, minutes, petitions, cartoons, news clippings, press releases and newsletters for the state-wide organization and for union locals in Northern and Southern California.

Primarily Sierra Nevada landscapes in the Yosemite region, some with survey team members. Includes several Hetch Hetchy views. Three of the views present here are among the four views attributed to Harris published in The Yosemite Book Plates Contains correspondence and printed programs relating to the operation of the school.

Also includes course outlines, schedules, and files of student applications and grade cards, arranged chronologically by class. Includes releases, , by James M. Estill for John C. Hays and John Caperton from contracts with the prison; agreement between Estill and J. McCauley, ; letter from an inmate, notice of escaped prisoner; accounts, and other materials.

Contains correspondence concerning the creation of the California State Railroad Museum, report "The California State Railroad Museum : recommendations for planning and development", bylaws, articles of incorporation, prospectus, press releases and newspaper clippings. Also includes program and memorabilia for the Meeting minutes, agendas, and correspondence of the California State Reclamation Board.

Correspondence is between the interested parties of various flood control and reclamation projects in California. Photographs document many state owned buildings, including: state hospitals , universities and colleges, schools, institutions for the blind, for veterans, etc.

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Stereo views show oxen pulling a loaded wagon from the Chico Lumber Co. Rodney Tabor's camp at Glenwood, a Sacramento street scene, many views of Sacramento during a flood ? Cliff House and American River" and "Alcove Watkins no. Stereocards are Stereoviews captioned: California threshing machine photographer's no. Hopkins of San Francisco, Cal. Images of speakers and participants at a California Studies conference held at U. Berkeley with the theme "California since the 60s".

Also includes a photograph of the front of the ticket office at Port 3 of Album of good quality amateur photographs taken during a trip through California in Landscapes, cityscapes, public buildings, and landmark attractions predominate, with two male traveling companions present in some views. Early views include trains and the ferryboat Solano on Scrapbook contains detailed description of an automobile trip to Santa Barbara from Sausalito, including amounts paid for gas, food and lodging and sights along the way.

This account is illustrated with photographs and ephemera. A trip to Mendocino is also Also includes a few photographs taken in Albuquerque, N. Included are views of the Lick Observatory, the U. Berkeley campus, the Mt. Lowe railway, Mt. Engravings or etchings and photographic prints: 1. Golden Gate from Telelgraph Hill ; Jas. Smillie -- 2. Monterey in California []; for Herrmann J. Meyer [N. Y] -- 3. Panorama of San Francisco; sold by Charles Magnus View of Also present are views of New Orleans; Salt Lake Views by Watkins show the San Francisco Presidio with people and horses , and six views of the Hotel del Monte building and grounds in Monterey.

Also, Mt. Tamalpais, an ostrich farm in South Pasadena, the Governor's Mansion and capitol building in Sacramento, the official motorcade of Gov. Gillett, the dedication of Photographs show natural attractions in California: sequoia trees, geysers, Yosemite, and the petrified forest near Calistoga. Many missions are included, as are some photos relating to Indians. Views show scenes from various California locations, including missions, leisure, hotels, San Francisco Bay Area views, family, and nature-scenes.

Also includes San Francsico views. Promotional views for Salvador grapes and the "Semi-fresca-pack" shipping method. Includes vineyard and harvest views, Mexican field workers, washing, processing and fresh-packing methods, and workers and facilities at various stages of the process.

Interviews with five men instrumental in developing California's water plan. Interviewees and titles of interviews, as follows: Edmund G. Brown, Sr. Abbott Goldberg One letter from Arthur J. Pillsbury to directors and shareholders, issued as Editor-Manager on September 14, Second letter to the shareholders, September 15, , issued by the President and other Directors, appealing for funds. History of the Wills and Archibald families; account of his family's grain ranch in Madera County; dry land grain farming; use of mules; mechanization of agriculture; gold mining at Michigan Bluff.

Part I: Burke H. Critchfield interview covering his association with Bank of America and loans to the wine industry; the Wine Institute; Central California Wineries, Inc. Part II: photocopy of a speech, Economics of grape growing in Taber related to wineries and viticulture in California. Several views are of Gustav Niebaum's Inglenook vineyards in Napa County, for which the winery buildings were completed in The "Big Grape-vine" in Santa Barbara is pictured Felt pennant and cloth ribbon with pin, both from the California Woman Suffrage movement and campaign of Pennant bears slogan: Votes for Women.

Contains club correspondence, meeting minutes, photographs, manuscripts, scrapbooks and clippings. Also included are correspondence and writings documenting the origins of Woodminster Amphitheater and desribing the tree dedication ceremonies for the Writers Memorial Grove. Manuscripts include writings dedicating trees to Mary Recording includes Colin B. Miscellaneous materials mainly mimeographed and newsprint collected for the oral history project by Mr. Boris Raymond.

A bound volume, in the form of a scrapbook, created to contain the first nugget of gold found in California in and documents pertaining to it. Documents include: affidavits of Elizabeth J. Wimmer and of Peter L. With this as v.

Wendell Family, 1800-1967 – MS025

Contains 11 v. Includes a composition book and account books kept by Carlos A. Call, account and receipt books kept by G. Call, an account book of William C. Morgan and View includes the Larkin House, William T. Cards each bear a member's name and a color print of the logo of a chapter of the NSGW. Two cards are those of F. Album contains photographs which were exhibited at reunion, accompanied by transcripts of presentations and other dialogue; correspondence and other records documenting the organization Concerning his furniture business in San Francisco, importing merchandise from Boston, with information on prices, rental of office space, other businesses, arrival of ships, commercial climate.

Graduate students, postdocs, staff and observers of the Melvin Calvin bio-organic chemistry group at UC Berkeley from are interviewed on the methods, management, community and culture of the Calvin lab; the Donner Laboratory-based group's work on organic reaction mechanisms Papers relating to his family inheritance and his association with Aircraft Accessories Corporation and his partnership in Jennings Radio Manufacturing Corporation.

Includes extensive family correspondence, as well as papers regarding leasing of mineral rights to lands contained in estate of Statement sent to Paul H. Comments on position as supervisor of U. Typed transcript included. Photocopies of letters addressed to Milicent Trent by W. Hearst, Jr. Dahl and others concerning her father, Camille Charles Rossi, an engineer and architect who worked as superintendent of construction uder Julia Morgan for the Hearst Castle These include Alaskan harbor scenes; climbers on the Chilkoot summit; a large tent camp in snow with pack animals and climbers visible at Collection of typewritten, mimeographed newsletters produced by campers.

Also includes a few programs for camp performances, a color copy of a brochure for the Camp circa , and a letterhead for the camp listing its Executive Board. Denise Sherer Jacobson, Contains eight flyers and one petition page with signatures, related to the work of a committee formed to protest the arrest of 14 black marines who had been charged for beating up 4 whites and 2 Chicanos at Camp Pendleton, Map showing the movements of the U.

By Charles R Political cartoons relate to Richard Nixon, Happy New Year's collage relates to the political career of Roger Kent includes photographs and greeting cards. This collection documents the construction of hydroelectric and other public works projects, particularly the North-East Mexico Hydroelectric Project, and port improvements in Tampico, Veracruz, Frontera, and Mazatlan. Mainly letters from David L. Recorded for H. Bancroft at a meeting of the Oregon Pioneer Association; remarks by W.

Jackson, Col.

Wendell Family, – MS | Portsmouth Athenaeum

White, J. Nesmith, William J. Herren, and James Morris. Photographs show the University buildings and grounds, including the old and new conservatories, the observatory, and others. Contains mostly correspondence sent to the adjutant generals of the San Francisco chapter Post No. Papers, scrip, letters, documents, and promissary note concerning the 's Canadian Rebellion, finance, railroads, consular official of the United States, education, politics and government, Indians, and marriage. Notes, clippings and miscellaneous material re Sausalito, Inverness and Point Reyes.

Also included are papers of Alexander H. Baily, , concerning his property in Inverness. Includes articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes, ; accounts, , for mine in Devil's Gate District, Carson County, Nevada. Includes views of the steamer John L. Several views include groups of Papago Indians, Includes studio portraits of Robertson, as well as snapshot photographs documenting Robertson and other survivors of the shipwreck of the State of California; the eruption of Mt. Lassen; the making of Alaskan Adventures and possibly other films; a Entries include weather observations, latitude and longitude, course, and sail settings Study of economics at University of California, Berkeley class of , London School of Economics, Radcliffe and Harvard; comments on teachers of economics; teaching career at University of California, ; research work for the Heller Committee; interest in consumer economics Peterson discusses his emigration from Sweden and childhood in Hilmar Colony, Turlock; college years; first trip to Sweden; his career with the Commercial Credit Company and the Bank of Hawaii; years with Transamerica, and the Bank of America, culminating with Childhood family background and education; University of Cincinnati medical school, internship, and residency at Marquette University and University of Wisconsin; Tuskegee Institute, ; University of California, Discusses life and career at Dow Chemical and his development of Z, a chemical reagent used by mining companies in the flotation process to separate copper minerals from waste minerals.

Mitchell and early faculty, Edith M. Coulter and Della J. Sisler, students, coursework; positions at Sacramento, Recollections of years as secretary to Earl Warren, , spanning his career as Alameda County district attorney, California attorney general, and governor of California; her role as liaison to the Youth Authority, Department of Public Health, Department of Mental Hygiene, Photocopy of typed transcript of tape-recorded Introduction by Charles Meyer. Hearst's estate at Pleasanton, Calif. Two notes from McWilliams to a Mrs. Correspondence consists mostly of acknowledgments for various favors.

Sketches and caricatures of delegates to the Mexican constitutional congress of , most identified by name and by the region they represented. Contains writings, speeches, lecture notes, course outlines, reprints of articles, pamphlets, clippings and a few letters relating mainly to Carl Copping Plehn's career as professor of finance and statistics at the University of California, Berkeley. Also includes two letterpress copybooks Primarily correspondence, University files, and materials related to his revision of The Berkeley Physics Course, Vol.

Includes letters to Hoffman while editor, Oakland Post Inquirer; and clippings and other materials relating to the Mooney case. Includes manuscripts, notes, correspondence, and research materials for Wheat's book Mapping the transmississippi West, volumes 2 and 3. Some notes include annotated maps. Materials concerning the publication of Wheat's books primarily on California history ; his association with the Roxburghe and Zamorano Clubs; his interests in fine printing, books and antiques. A few papers concerning his law firm included. Contains correspondence, notes, manuscripts for Mainly correspondence concerning meetings of Commonwealth Club of California on proposed metropolitan rapid transit for San Francisco Bay Area, with related reports and memoranda.

Contains manuscripts, drafts, and professional correspondence concerning Carl Ortwin Sauer's writings, interest and activities in the study of geography. Also contains his personal correspondence. Correspondence, copies of lectures and articles by Russell relating to his career with the U. National Park Service. A few letters addressed to him, many as National Park Service official; his Ms. Letters of recommendations, patent agreements, papers relating to inventions by the danish-born engineer and his work in early electrical manufacturing, particularly with the Magnovox Company.

Relating to his positions as deputy clerk and clerk, U. District Court, Northern California, ; his research in California land grant cases; and his leadership in the Federal Court Clerks' Association, Included are letters addressed to him and copies Includes a notebook recording pictures taken and some financial transactions, ; two letters written to him by his children, Nov. Mainly to his wife, describing his experiences while photographing in Arizona, Oregon and Montana. Contains biographical information, typescript and manuscript dance performance scripts, notes, programs, costume sketch, etc.

Mainly correspondence with Joseph de Trigo concerning transfer of church ornaments of banished Jesuits to new missions in California. Carlson at Mendocino, Calif. Carlson; and obituaries for various members of the family. The collection contains materials about members of the Isaacs, Newmark, and Levey families, including photographs; correspondence; prayer books; and Freemason-related items, including aprons and membership certificates for the Royal Arch Masons.

Contains 14 printed playbills and numerous printed programs for various theatrical performances by the Company of the Golden Hind, a regional theater company based in Berkeley, California. Plays represented in the materials include, The comedy of errors, The knights of Include letters from Aug. Photographs depict trees and other flora; barns, fences and other structures; coastal scenes; highways; and other subjects pertaining to the Hollister Ranch region of Santa Barbara county. Prints in series 1, 2, and 5 bear photographer's number, but no further identification.

Data cards in series 3 and 4 bear photographer's number and often technical details about the photograph in addition to the address of building shown. The collection contains Silver's manuscript for "The Diary of a Freedom Rider," as well as related correspondence with her mother while in prison during the summer of In addition, the collection also contains brochures and materials from Silver's political Materials relating to the integration of Berkeley schools, including reports, printed material, and correspondence the Board of Education received from the public on both sides of the issue.

Drafts of Sibley's book, "Never a Dull Moment," as well as other Typed transcript of tape-recorded interviews conducted by Helene H. Oppenheimer for oral history term project, Vista College. Holograph emendations by Mrs. Mainly letters from Mary Anna Watts Hughes. Information on her life, Southey, mutual literary friends, etc. Also included, sometimes as enclosures, letters from Mrs. Wynn and William John Brodrick. Sixty-five letters, mostly written by Caroline to family and friends, describing travels with her husband, George, from Maine to Hawaii, via San Francisco, and their experiences while teaching there.

The letters recount everyday life and activities along with the physical Correspondence with family and friends, writings, and a small amount of personal papers. The bulk of letters are from Jack, her husband, including some early correspondence written while he was in China before their marriage. Also of interest is some The letters begin in Sept. The collection contains a copy of an interview with Carolyn Anspacher detailing her family's history, Jewish life in the early part of the century, and her experiences in the production of "The Dybbuk. Includes course materials, including audio tapes of lectures by Caroloyn Merchant.

Also included are articles written by Merchant and reviews of her publications as well as awards and a small amount of material documenting her early career. Contains correspondence with Carolyn Nuban; NOW history, chronology, organization materials, including the 20th anniversary souvenir book and photographs; California NOW materials and photographs of their election activities, primarily information sheet, news articles, and campaign ephemera related to Vice Headshot black and white portraits of Carpenter chiefly by Dan Tooker , two conference group portraits of writers including Anne Lamott, color snapshots of family or friends, and 49 drawings or collages by Carpenter from an envelope marked "Cocaine Drawings, " Curtis Carpenter later Mrs.

Redfield and A. Curtis describing life in Yuba County, Calif. Collection includes photographs of Scotia, Calif. Baker, and Pacific Lumber Company buildings. Also includes some unidentified portraits. Includes Carpenter's letter, May 26, , tendering his resignation as Taft's secretary, and two letters from Taft May 26 and Oct. Contains clippings from San Francisco area newspapers concerning carpenters strikes, starting with the strike in Clippings also chronicle the violence associated with the strikes. Consists mainly of diaries and letters written by Hammond while travelling in Europe especially Spain and Mexico with her husband, George.

The diaries cover several trips over a period of 45 years and contain detailed entries of daily activities, as Cartons , subject files A-Z chiefly concerning his activity as type founder in San Francisco; carton 3, Armed forces material, including correspondence; carton 4, financial papers. Oversize folder includes layout dummies, illustrations and ephemera. Two sets of time-roll sheets for employees of the Carson and Colorado Railway Co. The first consists of a monthly sheet per station, which lists employees by name, occupation, number of days Accounts payable vouchers 43 with related invoices of a gold mining company based in Melones, Calif.

Each of the blue colored enclosures on company letterhead list the amount, date, and general business expense category. Enclosed in each are the related Copy of Father Pangua's reply, Sept. Concerning the arrival of provisions for the Jesuit mission, with mention of colleague, Father Antonio Marini, and comment on poverty of the mission. Includes list of goods received 1 l. Miscellany of six main items, i. Annual reports prepared by the Jesuit Provincial of Mexico and Visiting Inspector for Peru, these describe conditions, events, and personnel in the various Jesuit divisions of New Spain.

Signature of Cabredo at end of volume I only. Portions of the Photos show the St. Francis church on Vallejo St. Corson re General Bisbee; letters from G. Dishon to William H. Camp re Spanish American Includes portraits of John C. Fremont in military uniform, and one photograph of a drawing depicting Fremont on a rocking horse titled: Crossing the Rocky Mountains.

Copy made by Alphonse Pinart. Contains sketches and proofs of syndicated newspaper cartoons, including They'll Do It Every Time, Little Iodine, and political cartoons. Also present are drawings apparently presented to Hatlo by others, including strips from the series: Beetle Bailey, Krazy Kat, Popeye, Prince One drawing is a comic strip about a dream machine.

The other bears the following text "Barbarian killer funnies 1[copyright] by T. No reprint This mess is published by Bud Plant San Jose". Binder's title. Contains testimony concerning the civil case portraying early San Francisoc commercial and legal enterprise. Consists of pamphlets and newspaper clippings relating to street railways and cable cars of San Francisco; invoices, receipts, invitations, order forms for opium and miscellaneous family papers and diaries.

Contains material related to the timber industry in Mendocino County, California. Included are deeds, mortgages, U. Patent Certificates, right of way agreements, land maps, audits, income tax returns, journals, registers, and other material related to Caspar Lumber and it's With an illustrated title page showing the coat of arms granted to the Letters, , written by Frances A. Ferry Castle from Amador County, one on a lettersheet commemorating the assassination of James King of William; Amador County property tax receipt for ; stock certificate and assessments on stock of the Amador Lafayette Compilation of copies of material relating to the Castle family in California.

Includes Edmund Green's account of his overland journey, , from Michigan to Sacramento, describing his experiences with Indians and gold mining cf. Also included are correspondence, accounts, claims, petitions, abstracts of title, agreements, wills, certificates of death and marriage, and newspaper Cartes de visite album of Castro and Bernal family and friends.

Also two envelopes of loose cartes de visite and portraits: most identified. Views show customers and staff. Apparently the original manuscript for Bergsma's pioneering bibliography on tea, published in Utrecht in The manuscript is unsigned. Recto of each leaf is a first draft, usually with extensive corrections. Contains approximately bibliographic entries in order by date Legal instruments, recording commissions, donations, sales, exchanges, payments, receipts, and the like.

Contains a wealth of information about ordinary people, their names, transactions, and property. Legal instruments, recording wills, marriages, donations, sales, exchanges, payments, receipts, and the like. Comments on growing up in San Francisco; contributions to Jewish community as religious school educator; volunteer leader, organizer and fund raiser; working for Jewish Welfare Federation; affiliation with Temple Emanu-El; association with Sierra Club and chairmanship of its History Committee; Personal snapshot photograph albums documenting various events and activities pertaining to Cade's life in Berkeley and beyond.

Archive of photographic negatives, work prints, project files, exhibition prints, and personal papers of San Francisco Bay Area photographer Cathy Cade. Cade's work documents lesbian and gay life, particularly in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco, chiefly in the s, s, Photographs chiefly documenting social and political activity of women and lesbians in the San Francisco Bay Area, including such subjects as the Gay Pride Parade Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day in San Francisco; various demonstrations pertaining to gay rights, women's Includes march from Mexico to California as Lieutenant, 1st U.

Dragoons, under the command of Major L. Miscellaneous papers relating to the budget and pay record of the arsenal, and to various naval service records. Father and son discuss their background, working family land in the Napa Valley; purchase of Liberty School property, ; Caymus Vineyards, from the point of view of two generations of management: building a winery, equipment, cooperage, marketing and distribution, grape Correspondence, invitations, programs, news clippings and other materials documenting Hutchison's tenure as mayor of Berkeley, California.

Photographs relating to Hutchison's tenure as mayor of Berkeley, California. Includes publicity photos of community events, ground breakings, etc. Some accompanied by text. Contains research notebooks, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photocopies of plats and , and genealogical information concerning the history of the Rancho Jurupa and Robidoux family in California. Also contains a small number of unrelated published articles by Baker. Views of various gasoline stations that were part of C.

Julian's Julian Petroleum Company chain. Locations are identified on the verso of each photograph. One enlarged copy photograph depicts a long line of Julian tanker trucks. A collection of documents, copies and originals, from Mexico and Spain, relating to the mendicant orders in New Spain and primarily to the Franciscan Provincia del Santo Evangelio in the 16th century.

Somewhat arbitrarily divided into 24 items, most of Manuscript copies of Spanish royal decrees, Mexican vice-regal orders, papal briefs, reports, official correspondence, etc. Materials concern regulations on various matters, such as: marriages, property transactions, Contains letters, dated to , to Celestin Hyacinthe Adnet's mother and family in France.

The first is written from Le Havre, the second aboard the Magellan, and the remainder from California gold field towns, including Happy Valley, San The collection consists of a scrapbook for various organizational activities Young Judaeans and Junior Hadassah , containing magazine pictures, in addition to clippings about Palestine during the s and programs for dramatic productions and festival celebrations. It also contains articles that Bound with Carlos Maria de Bustamante. Diario de lo especialmente occurido en Mexico, Septiembre de a Junio , v. Reel 1. Butte - El Dorado Counties; Reel 2. Placer - San Francisco Counties; Reel 4.

San Joaquin - Tulare Counties; A collection of copies of early maps and pictures of San Francisco, including the Richardson plan and De Haro survey; mounted typed Mss. Richardson and early history of San Francisco; mounted clippings re the Consists of a small amount of organizational records, including mission statements, annual reports, board meeting minutes, correspondence, funding proposals, press clippings, and publications and other printed materials from programs and events.

Some views are from the Colfax area. These are transcripts and summaries of letters and documents addressed chiefly to Emperor Charles I of Spain or to the Council Includes reminiscences of Della Foppiano. Part of a collection of certificates, diplomas, and similar documents, primarily from California. Contains printed or engraved forms filled in, from the Mechanics Institute of San Francisco, the Geographical Society of the Pacific, and the World's Columbian Commission; and a photographic reproduction of a certificate from San Francisco business groups to President Porfirio Drawings of the brands and marks included.

A member of the famous du Pont family, Ethel B. Her papers primarily deal with that involvement. Those that do not are personal correspondence, lecture notes as an economics teacher at the University of Louisville, house renovation plans, bills, literary efforts, and Louisville Art Center Association material. Copies of du Pont's columns and labor research, and correspondence associated with it comprise a large portion of her papers. Additional labor-related material includes various newspaper clippings from Kentucky and out-of-state newspapers, nationwide labor publications, and du Pont's unpublished labor stories.

Durrett, Lydian, Papers include letters from Durrett to his mother, Sallie Phillips Durrett of Louisville, relating experiences in a Philadelphia drama school, and as an actor in various touring companies; correspondence re: family news and travel; and theater programs of plays in which Durrett appeared. Durrett, Reuben Thomas, Additional papers, Miscellaneous papers, Louisville, Ky.

Papers include personal and legal correspondence, ; correspondence of other persons, ; land papers, ; legal papers, ; bills and receipts, ; papers pertaining to R. Durrett's law practice, ; and manuscripts of books, articles, lectures, editorials, orations, and addresses. Also included are letters and claims for slaves mustered into the Union Army, ; business and legal papers of various persons; and Civil War pension claims, arranged alphabetically. Also included are records regarding The Filson Club during Durrett's presidency concerning history, announcements of publications, orders, acknowledgments and letters accepting membership, and general correspondence.

The latter discusses historical and genealogical matters, literary productions, legal affairs, acquisition of manuscripts and portraits, founding of the Louisville Free Public Library, Filson Club business and publications, political affairs, and contemporary news. Correspondents include Charles Anderson, William C. Caldwell, Cassius M. Draper, William H. English, J. Semple, Reuben G. Woods, Enid Yandell, Bennett H. Young, and others. Additional Durrett papers include personal correspondence, , bills and receipts, , and correspondence in regard to The Filson Club, The personal correspondence includes letters from J.

The bills and receipts include stock offerings, bills for repairs on his house, and tailoring and dressmaking expenses. The major portion of the collection covers matters of concern to The Filson Club. There are requests for genealogical information, proposals for membership, payments of dues, announcements and ordering of Filson Club publications, and requests for support for such matters as the protection Mammoth Cave.

Miscellaneous papers include seventy-seven photocopied letters from the University of Chicago collection discussing painters Joel T. Hart, G. Healy, Matthew Jouett, and Chester Harding; other correspondence discusses acquiring material for his collection and Kentucky authors; and an newspaper clipping about his challenging George D. Prentice to a duel.

Early, Jubal Anderson, Letter, 5 June Lawyer, Confederate general. Early's 5 June letter to Frank H. Polk describes the different feeling of soldiers on going into battle. Eastin, Thomas N. Journal, Eastin's travel journal from 1 May - 19 Aug. Eaton, John Henry, Letter, 31 August Lawyer, U. Eaton discusses the Jackson Democrats sweep of the state election in Kentucky and speculates on Andrew Jackson's success in Kentucky for the presidential election; complains about the ruthlessness of Clay supporters; and notes that Jackson was in good health.

Edelin, Benedict. Account book, Merchant and hatter of Bardstown, Ky. Contains accounts for his store and hatter business. Edison, Thomas Alva, Letter, 18 March Inventor, businessman. In a letter to the Citizens Public Utilities Club of Louisville, Edison declines to offer advice re: a contract to provide electricity to Louisville. Additional Edison letters are contained in other collections.

Elliott, Richard, Banker of Greenville, Muhlenberg Co. Papers include letters and two financial record books, , of the Independent Bank of Greenville; histories of the Elliott and Weir families of Muhlenberg Co. Broadside, 26 March Broadside announcing the stud services of the "noted trotting stallion" Ericsson, formerly called Morgan Chief. Gives location, fees, terms of agreement, and information on Ericsson. Erwin, George W. Papers of businessman George W. Erwin of Rocky Hill, Barren Co. Estep, W.

Thomas, Autograph book, Autograph book kept by Capt. Autographs include fellow prisoners from the Confederate army and navy, and political prisoners, particularly from Maryland. Some write about and comment on the circumstances of their capture. Estep provides additional information on some of the signers re: their war service after being exchanged. Eustis, William, Letter, 20 October Revolutionary War veteran, politician, secretary of war. Eustis writes an unidentified correspondent commenting on his negative opinion of James Wilkinson, and positive opinion of James Madison.

Additional Eustis letters are contained in other collections. Records, Records include correspondence, constitution, by-laws, minutes of meetings, annual reports, receipts of annual dues, programs of quarterly meetings, and accounts. Farmer, Leslie H. Soldier from Lewisburg, Logan Co. The papers are comprised primarily of correspondence written re: Farmer's and his family's experiences.

Main topics are economic difficulties and social life in rural Ky. Female High School. Attendance, grade, deportment conduct , and entrance examination records for Female High School, Louisville, Ky. The collection is arranged in four series: series I, III, IV, contain attendance, deportment, and grade records, , and series II contains admission examination results with pupils' names, ages, state of birth, ward schools, and examination grades, Brief historical sketch of the school and guide to the collection is filed with the records Series I. Fenley-Williams Family.

Papers of two early Jefferson County, Ky. Contents include correspondence, ; financial records, ; land papers, ; legal papers, ; genealogical material on the Fenley, Williams, Carr, and Honore families; newspaper clippings; Bible records; miscellaneous material. Correspondence discusses personal, legal, land, family, and social matters, including farming activities in Jefferson Co. A calendar is filed with the collection. Ficklin, Joseph. Postmaster of Lexington, Ky. Ficklin's 10 April letter to A. Meriwether discusses a cure for cholera; his February letter recommends James Brown Clay as colonel of a new regiment to be formed; and his 2 July letter to Sec.

Other letters are routine. Filson, John, Historian, surveyor, and cartographer. The other material consists of photocopies. An original Filson document is filed with Reuben T. Durrett's annotated copy of his biography of Filson, as part of the Durrett Papers Mss. Filson Club Historical Society, The. Scrapbook, ca. Tornado of Accounts, Historical society and independent research library. Scrapbook containing a list of The Filson Club's earliest members, letters re: Durrett's biography of John Filson, and sample forms used by the Society.

Accounts written about the tornadoes which struck Louisville and Daviess and Webster counties, Ky.

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Miscellaneous papers include letters written to The Filson Club re: various matters, including membership, meetings, and historical topics. There is a large amount of Filson Club related material in other collections. Finck, Edward Bertrand, Lawyer and author of Louisville, Ky. Papers consist of correspondence, ; newspaper clippings, ; photographs; and verse.

The correspondence chiefly regards thank yous to Finck for works of his he sent to people. Fingals Cave. Description, n. Compass and Pace survey, ca. Description records the surveyor's steps in various directions of a cave near Green River, Kentucky. Fingals Cave and White Cave are mentioned by name. Fingals Cave is part of the Mammoth Cave system. First Kentucky Infantry Regiment. Muster Rolls, May-Sept. Three muster rolls of Co. H, 1st Regt. Includes names and dates of enlistment and promotion for officers, non-commissioned officers, and men of the regiment, with extensive printed instructions as to preparation of the roll.

Muster Roll, First Unitarian Church. Correspondence, sermons, minute books, financial and parish records, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, written and oral church histories, records of the Laymen's League, Channing Club, PTA, and Women's Alliance, and other material constitute the collection. Heywood and other ministers, church officials, parishioners, and politicians. Fitch, John, Nelson Co. Included are land and legal papers of Fitch. Fitzhugh, Dennis, Louisville merchant and judge. Papers include business letters, receipts, ledgers, and estate papers of Dennis Fitzhugh, ; papers signed by Fitzhugh as justice, ; material, , relating to members of the Fitzhugh family; and business papers from Fitzhugh and Rose, , Fitzhugh and Gwathmey, , and Fitzhugh and Thruston, Included in the business papers are letters from William Clark dated 11 Oct.

Fitzhugh, Lucy Stuart. Scrapbook, Lexington, Ky. Included are the charter and by-laws of the Lexington Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy; papers of her father, Capt. Fleming Family. Prominent family of Virginia and Kentucky family. Included are letters from William Fleming to his wife of a warm personal nature and briefly relating a trip into Kentucky in ; and letters from William Jennings Bryan to William B.

Fleming re: lectures and an trip he made to Ky. Foote Family. Farmers, businessmen of Virginia, Kentucky and other states. Early correspondence concerns family matters; pioneering efforts; farming and the agricultural economy, including market prices for various goods, esp. Later family correspondence, , pertains to the poultry business of G.

Foote and Son of Irvington, Ky. Papers also include legal documents, such as wills, contracts, bonds, and agreements; land papers, ; estate inventories; a Confederate military appointment; slave papers, ; accounts, bills and receipts for personal and business transactions, ; personal and business accounts of G. Foote and family, and Edwin Cox Foote, ; academic records; poetry; programs, broadsides; greeting cards; pig pedigree record book; poultry show tickets; miscellaneous printed material and family items; scrapbook; Foote family genealogical records; and newspaper clippings.

Also included are papers of Henry Smith executor of Richard H. Foote's estate and family which include family correspondence; day books and account books of Henry Smith, , containing a travel log, descriptions of land lots, and accounts of produce and other goods; legal documents; land papers, ; accounts, bills and receipts, ; and papers re: William G.

Hunton's estate.

Ryan SF diary #2

Added papers include family correspondence dated containing letters to William Foote of Fauquier Co. Foote's cotton business in Virginia and on his new plantation in Colorado Co. This early correspondence follows market prices for various agricultural goods and produce items. Family correspondence dated through begins with the courtship, engagement, and marriage of Gerard Alexander Foote and Annie Davis Cox, whose families settled in Breckinridge Co.

Also included is business correspondence, , concerning the swine and poultry business of G. Foote and his wife of Irvington, Ky. Foote, and Preston Work Foote; a survey of G. Foote's farm in Irvington, Ky. Foote about the Bewleyville Methodist Church, the poultry business, and on farming in general; a selection of greeting cards and postcards; accounts, bills, and receipts, , containing accounts for the Foote's wheat and flour business and other plantation accounts; accounts for blacksmithing and other services for apparel, food and household items; accounts from the cotton business of Richard H.

Foote's estate ; and records of the financial transactions of G. A separate box contains miscellaneous account and memorandum books, , belonging to Henry Smith, Hardaway, and Foote family members; miscellaneous account books belonging to Ludwell A. Foote and Gerard Alexander Foote covering the years ; a record book containing minutes of the church conferences of the Bewleyville Methodist Society from ; and a science textbook dated Also contained is a school account book belonging to Edwin Cox Foote, some of whose pages are covered with scrapbook material and newspaper clippings; separate newspaper clippings, , regarding various members of the Foote family, poultry raising and agriculture, local news, and national political news; broadsides, circulars, and miscellaneous printed material; poultry tags and exhibition cards; several unidentified photographs; and genealogical information on the Foote family.

Ford, Arthur Younger, Journalist and president of the University of Louisville. Papers contain material relating to the Kentucky gubernatorial election of , and the murder of Gov. William Goebel; accounts of post Civil War Kentucky feuds; letters written during and describing the flood in Louisville; programs and invitations; poem by Madison Cawein; and a long newspaper article on William L. Crittenden and the Lopez Expedition of Ford, Gerald Rudolph, Jr. Letters, Included is a 28 Dec. Hall, chairman and chief executive of Ashland Oil, inviting him to be one of fifty chief executive officers invited to attend the third annual American Enterprise Institute World Forum in June Ford explains the purpose and format of the meetings and mentions names of world leaders who attended previous meeting and those he hopes to see participate in Also a 30 Nov.

Ford Family. Scott Co. Included in the papers are five volumes of diaries, , kept by Mary Boswell Webb Ford re: family, local, and national news. The entries are brief and lacking in detail. Material consists of 21 original cartoons; photographs and a sketch of Fox; a printed booklet of "Toonerville Folks"; a booklet of newspaper clippings of articles and sketches by Fox entitled "Motoring out of the war zone"; full page section of "Toonerville Folks"; and articles by and about Fox.

Miscellaneous papers includes a 2 Aug. John G. Clem stating that the original of the cartoon which Dr. Clem wanted was in the mail; a 21 Dec. Levinson of Los Angeles, Calif. Fox, John William, Jr. Kentucky-born author. Papers includes typed copies of his letters, , to Micajah Fible describing Fox's early career as a reporter for the Daily Sun and New York Times, as a law student at Columbia University, travels between New York and Kentucky, early literary efforts, and his move to Jellico, Tenn.

Ballard Thruston between and requesting photographs to illustrate an article on the southern mountains; three letters to Mary Lafon regarding arrangements and fees for his lecture for the benefit of a hospital in Louisville; a 3 Nov. Frazer, Oliver, Miscellaneous papers, , n. Included is a letter, 13 Feb. Another letter written during the s discusses painting a picture, and noting that his eyes are so weak he has difficulty seeing.

Frederick House Hotel. Register, Louisville hotel. Register listing the name of the guest, residence, no. Collection of Louisville masonic lodge records that include eleven vols. French, Richard, Kentucky state legislator, U. Included is a letter listing names and addresses of "zealous steadfast Democrats. Friends of Kentucky Libraries. Papers consist of constitutions and by-laws; correspondence; meeting minutes; officer and member lists; financial records; Kentucky bookmobile project scrapbook; and publicity material. Fulton County, Ky. Material consists of receipts; trustees' reports; summonses; commissioners' report of the settlement of the estate of Jacob Doom, ; petitions; decrees; and a writ of habeas corpus.

Galt, William H. Account books, Louisville physician. Account books kept by Dr. William H. Galt regarding his medical practice from to Each book contains an index and records visits and accounts regarding his patients, some of whom were prominent Louisvillians. Specific instruments and medical procedures are mentioned. Also listed is financial data from Galt Family.

Prominent medical family of Louisville, Ky. Dobbin, James C. To Caleb Cushing, Attorney General. Regarding the purchase, care, preservation and transportation of provisions, and expenses for clothing. To Brigadier General A. Henderson, Commandant, U. Marine Corps. Directing him to provide a band at the President's house every Saturday afternoon.

To Assistant Surgeon Schrever. To convene a medical board in Philadelphia on 16 March to examine candidates for promotion in the Medical Corps. Covering action from Yazoo to Vicksburg. Dornin, Thomas A. Directing him to report to Dornin when Adger is ready to leave port for her station. The most interesting of these entries concern his observations of, and materials relating to, the Russo-Japanese War of A more detailed analysis of the journal is housed in the box containing the journal.

To Lieutenant Howison. To take Fort Morgan prisoners to New Orleans. Each addressed to Midshipman Francis M. Laudatory of his performance on board the U. Du Pont, Samuel F. To Commander T. To discharge a minor on board James Adger. Scrapbook, which was the possession of Chas. Within this bound volume are extensive magazine and newspaper articles from magazines and newspapers from the late s and early s, which portray the Battle of Manila Bay in pictures and words.

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Most notable are those which include group and individual photographs of officers and men of Olympia , including Admiral Dewey, and vessels, which took part in the battle. Color ephemera from the Hartford during her cruises include menus, bills of sporting events, and programs of concerts. Included are newspaper accounts of the assassination of President McKinley. Duvall, Elmer E. The album is ornately decorated with numerous hand-painted illustrations. Included is a page typewritten narrative of the cruise along with a few official documents, the most notable being a copy of a dispatch from the Senior Shellback of the Navy issued by the Commander-in-Chief of the US Fleet, Admiral J.

Fleet of ; the largest ceremony of its type to that date see p. Edwards , William S. This material consists of original documents, photocopies and notes compiled by Edwards during the course of his research. The collection also includes a significant number of extracts taken from books and articles relating to the wearing of uniforms, rank, civilian costume, as well as the general topic of naval history and administration.

There is also a small number 5 of historical studies subjects related to US Navy uniforms. Additional materials includes: sketches, photographs, transparencies, and reference documents, plus files containing Edwards's personal correspondence relating to the subject of uniforms. Eisenhower , Dwight D. Responding to Secretary of the Navy William B.

Franke's recommendation for naming three SSBNs nuclear-powered fleet ballistic missile submarines. Elliott, Jesse D. Emmons, George F. Steam Sloop. Endicott, Mordecai T. The library holds the Awards Log for last names beginning with A—O. The whereabouts of the remainder of the alphabet is unknown. To George Robeson, Secretary of the Navy. Regarding the naming of Navy vessels. Also congratulates Robeson on his appointment. To "My Dear Sir. To Commodore John Rodgers. Encloses a paper and plans for a inch naval gun. Essex , U. Frigate See Porter, David. Evans, James. Navy Yard, New York.

Regarding bread samples to be furnished to the yard. Regarding an order for the monthly return of warrant officers. Gray with typed letters of thanks. F Falmouth , U. Sloop of War Journal, March From Meridian to Norfolk. Farragut, David G. In response to autograph and photograph request. On personal stationery signed as Vice Admiral. To his wife. Reports that Buchanan says he can raise the blockade at Mobile with only the ironclad ram Tennessee. Anxiously wants to know the status of completion of U.

To Fleet Surgeon Palmer at Pensacola. Fendall, P. To his father. Each with details of his life in San Francisco. Apparently appointed by Farragut as a Superintendent of the Navy Yard there in Much on California life in the early s. File, Donald T. File to his parents and occasional other recipients during World War II. To George Robeson. Forwarding earlier commission not enclosed as Secretary of the Navy. Foote, Andrew H.

William Wood. Asks Dr. Wood to provide him a list of those killed and wounded belonging to the flagship as a result of attacks on Chinese forts. To Admiral C. Discusses contemporary Civil War naval matters and personal issues. To Commodore Walke of Carondelet. Giving Walke his ship's code pendant as "No. Two 2. To Commodore Walke on Carondelet. Requesting him to provide information on an individual. Regarding a contract at the Charlestown Navy Yard. To Boston naval agent. Regarding payment for charter parties. Naval Forces in Western Waters," Forrest, French C.

Regarding the arrest of Lieutenant Mills for alleged beating of John Collins. To Mrs. Expressing sympathy at Admiral Halsey's death. Hayes, Charles F. Detmar, and J. Francis, William J. Diary of a seaman William J. G Galbraith, William J. The bulk of these papers consist of approximately letters written by Galbraith, then a lieutenant commander, while he was being held by the Japanese in the Zentsuji POW camp on the Japanese island of Shikoku.

The letters, most of which are addressed to his son "Billy", were written in Gregg shorthand to conceal their contents. The collection consists of the transcripts, which were done by his sister and later by a member of the Naval Historical Foundation, along with a significant number of originals in short hand.

The latter were frequently written on the backs of letters that Galbraith had received while a POW--presumably due to a shortage of paper in the camp--and provide a unique picture of the messages he was receiving from home. The letters from his son, who was just seven years old, are especially poignant. The collection also contains material on the Japanese mistreatment of American POWs, a few first hand accounts relating to the performance of USS Houston 's main armament and the crew's morale during the Battle of the Java Sea, a list of citations prepared by Galbraith for members of Houston 's crew, various photographs of Galbraith, biographical information, a recording of a radio interview conducted in Galbraith's later years, and a few pieces of prison camp ephemera.

Galt, William W. Galt noting an advancement of one number in rank on the list of paymasters. Gibson, William C. During her return voyage she carried back with her the men of the relief party and the crew of the screw steamer Proteus, which had been crushed in heavy ice. Gibson was a lieutenant on the active list at the time. Giffen, Robert C. Included are documents relating to his service in the Queenstown Patrol during World War I, his activities while serving with the Asiatic Fleet on the China Station in the inter war years, and his command of the Neutrality Patrol in Giles, Harry M.

Gilliss, John P. Appointing Henry Howroon a Lieutenant. Glisson, Oliver S. Proceedings of the U. European Fleet under Glisson and later C. Goldsborough, Louis M. To Acting Midshipman J. Concerning leave of absence. To Lieutenant Commander Patterson. With respect to the damaged gunboat Chowrie. Responding to a request on preparing ten vessels to carry inch mortars. To Rear Admiral Charles Davis. Regarding charts for the European Squadron.

Graham, William A. Directs Midshipman Candidate Francis M. Grant, Ulysses S. Appointing William A. Kirkland a Commander. Signed also by Adolph Borie, Secretary of the Navy. Appointing George Robeson Secretary of the Navy. Also signed by Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State. Green, Joseph F. Greene, Charles H. To his niece. Reporting on the battle of Fort Hatteras. Includes a photograph of Greene and a piece of the Confederate flag that reportedly flew over Fort Hatteras.

Grimes, H. H Haggart, Robert S. Signed by William Spay, Commandant, Engineers. Halsey, William Frederick, Jr. Original draft in Adm. White, offering his services as a steam engineer and craftsman for naval purposes. Newspaper clippings — biographical. Handwritten pocket notebook on marine engineering and other subjects, circa , New York Navy Yard. The diary is in two volumes. Hellweg, J. The diary contains information and description of torpedoes and the technical problems observed by Lt.

The collection also includes two pieces of correspondence as well as some technical notes on torpedoes kept by Lt. Hemphill, Joseph N. Croix and St. Thomas on Board the U. Monogahela ," and "West Indian Cruising '' A second scrapbook of miscellaneous letters, papers, and newspaper clippings. Most of the items in the scrapbook date to the early s. The items relating to Rear Admiral Hemphill include handwritten letters, business cards, invitations, menus, newspaper clippings, a fan, etc.

Herbert, Hilary A. To Daughters of the American Revolution. Regarding their efforts to raise funds to purchase a loving cup for the U. Orders Pay Director Cosby to take examinations preliminary to promotion. Hill, Sam Antonia, Lt. They are filled with newspaper and magazine clippings and photographs, cartoons, poems, ephemera and ships' newspapers relating to events and cultural activities in these ships and in the United States Navy in general.

Additional items includes ephemera relating to his graduation from El Paso High School in and a collection of personal notes and poems. Hinckley and his service on commercial and Navy ships during the s. Hobbs, J. Mentions efforts to raise and save the Cristobal Colon. Holland, John P. Hooker, Edward, Commander, USN The bulk of the collection consists of four bound journals containing Lieutenant Hooker's official correspondence letters and orders while he was serving as a volunteer naval officer during the Civil War.

Dated March to November Horwood, William W. To Captain Andrew S. Regarding Hammond's encounters with the rebels. Several mild rebukes. Signed by Howe et al. Howell, John C. Dispatches from Howell while commanding U. Naval Forces on European Station. The collection contains official correspondence, orders, and documents relating to Admiral Howell's naval career. The bulk of this material relates to his service during the Civil War. Porter, Commanding the North Atlantic Squadron. The collection also contains a three folders of material relating to the explosion of the large gun on board USS Princeton as well as a collection of reports from the US House of Representatives concerning the French Spoliations.

To Samuel Dana, Esq. Concerning Hull's finances. Regarding a "74 now building in the yard. Requests Tudor's opinion on papers relative to the "blockade. Tells Tudor that situation for U. He recommends they come aboard United States. Reports he has read Tudor's letter about armed seizure of American merchantman Herald and proposes to provide American merchants with assistance for their defense.

Tells Tudor that reports that Jefferson and Adams are dead are true; that a salute shall be fired and flags lowered to half mast "this day at 12 o'clock. To Thomas Chew, Esq. Congratulates Chew on obtaining a Washington assignment and thanks him for inquiring about Hull's health. Hunley, Horace L. McClintock, the inventor of the Confederate submarine H. Hunter, William D. To Midshipman Francis M. Ramsay, USN. Regarding his fine performance while serving in USS St. Hutchins, Charles T.

To Hutchins. Includes report of Thetis 's operations during a survey of the west coast of Lower California. Independence , USS Ledger showing stores received and money paid out on the following ships: Independence , Constitution , Java , Guerriere , and Macedonian for To Robert L. Also signed by Levi Woodbury, Secretary of the Navy. Midshipman's appointment for John A. Adams to Commodore Matthew C. Robert L. Mediterranean Passport for merchant ship Sarah of New York providing safe passage from Algerine [Barbary corsair] warships. To Joshua Wentworth.

Washington writes that 12 Sail of Brittish Line and some transports were to sail as on last Tuesday - I also heard that the Refugees and Tories were going to Nova Scotia. Regarding Jutland and actions of the British and German fleets. Appointment of John W.

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Phillip as a Lieutenant Commander. Also signed by Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy. Appointment of Francis M. Ramsay as a Commander. Appointment of Albert G. Clary as a Captain. Johnson, Philip C. Describes the action at New Orleans and the passing of the forts. Jones, Carlton B. Jones collected these "flimsies" while serving as a lieutenant on the staff of the Commander, Destroyer Squadron Seven. Includes an invitation to Jones to dinner in Leger, that due to time and health, Jones will have to seek another physician.

Lee, dated 13 June to Captain Paul Jones. Also four-page statement outlining circumstances under which Captain Jones was finally in command and authorized to outfit Alliance and Ariel for service under his command. Jones, Mary G. All of the photographs are captioned and contain images taken at the midshipmen's school and in Washington, DC showing both official and off duty activities.

Interspersed with the photographs are letters, notices, post cards, newspaper clippings and other miscellaneous ephemera. Her personal papers consist of official and personal correspondence, various pieces of memorabilia, and a ledger of household expenses for March and January To William Tudor, Esq. Describes differences in expenses and cash outlays in Peru between United States and more lightly manned British vessels. K Kauffman, John Henry, Chief Gunner's Mate, USN The collection consists of several file folders and loose material containing a small collection of official documents relating to Chief Gunner's Mate John Henry Kauffman's naval service, as well as programs, Christmas cards, ship newspapers and other ephemera relating to the ships on which he served.

Kearny, George Hammeken, Captain, USN The bulk of this collection consists of log books and diaries kept by Assisstant Engineer Kearny during the various cruises he made between and Additional material includes a notebook containing a comprehensive summary of the payments and allowances received by Kearny over his entire career and two narratives related to the United States Expedition to Korea in in which Kearny took part.

Directs a medical survey of two sailors. Countersigned by Commodore Kearney. Signed by Surgeon Robert J. Dodd and Assistant Surgeon J. The bulk of the material consists of photographs, many of which appear to be commercial reproductions, interspersed with invitations to weddings, tickets to enter sights, invitations, programs and other similar souvenirs. The photographs generally are of poor quality. Kelly, William G. Kennedy, Edmund P. To Captain Jesse Elliott. Laments Commodore Barron's refusal to take command of the Pacific Squadron.

To his brother-in-law, Mr. Edward Lesley, immediately after the capture of that city by Admiral Farargut and his fleet. ALS dated 25 January to Mr. Edgar Hoover ignoring a request from Kimmel to identify a witness who claimed that Kimmel and Lieutenant General Walter Campbell Short were not on speaking terms. Kincaid, Earle H.

Earl H. XV, No. Knies, Michael, Lieutenant, Continental Navy 22 letters and documents dated and Revolutionary War naval manuscripts. L Lackawanna , U. Steam Sloop Journal, 18 January April During this period J. Marchand was the Commanding Officer until 27 November , followed by G. Journal appears not to have been kept by either commanding officer, but by others. Some signatures. Account of blockading off Mobile Bay and Galveston including captures of prizes.

Detailed account of ship preparations for Battle of Mobile Bay. Description of battle itself 5 August , including addresses of Farragut and Buchanan. Account of the run of the rebel ram Webb down the Mississippi. Reverse of journal contains:. Lajoie, Barbara S. The bulk of the collection contains personal correspondence and ephemera including a number of holiday cards related to the WAVES as well as a limited amount of information on their uniforms. The collection also contains official records and a number of documents pertaining to Yeoman Lajoie's job duties during the period of her enlistment.

Landreth, John, Surveyor This journal documents the expedition in search of suitable live wood for the construction of ships for the United States Navy. Under the authority of President James Monroe, an expedition was conducted in Louisiana for the purpose of locating trees, which would provide suitable lumber for the Navy. The schooner Nonsuch commanded by Captain Alexander Claxton was used to transport the survey party along the Mississippi River where the search for oak and red cedar took place along the shore. Included in the hand-penned journal are surveyors' notes, diagrams and tables which document the cost of provisions for the expedition.

An extensive narrative documents the daily events. Participants in the party were James Leander Cathcart, Esq. Sets forth rules to deal with the abuse the British make of Letters of Marque they capture in American prizes. Letter of Marque War of Dated 22 December Commissioning the private armed schooner Lucy of 25 tons and commanded by Perez Drinkwater to seize and take British vessels. Unsigned by either the President or Secretary of State. Appoints John Woodward Philip a Midshipman. To Major General Banks directing him to get on with advancing the new state government of Louisiana.

Certifies Samuel Phipps an American seaman and citizen. Long, John D. Regarding a burial ground fence proposed for the men of the Maine. Regarding the future assignment of Commodore Winslow. Luce, Stephen B. To "Sul. To Rear Admiral Howison. Regarding the gunnery ship Minnesota , command opportunity, and referring to Admiral Porter. Inquiring as to a location near Portland where Navy men could land for a week of instruction. Regarding Luce's earlier published collection of sea songs.

M Macedonian , U. Frigate See MacRae, A. Consist of papers related to his naval career. Numerous orders, his commission signed by President Millard Fillmore, etc. To unknown correspondent. Making payment on a bill. Ann Macdonough was the wife of Captain Thomas Macdonough. To Commodore Edward Preble. Explaining the "escape" of one John Tuck while ashore for fresh provisions. Joseph Smith to inspect the larboard bower cable, with Lt. To Samuel Southard, Secretary of the Navy. Regarding Moses Wilson who seeks an appointment as a Midshipman. Both outgoing and incoming letters are present in the collection, much of it from the period during Erie 's cruise to Africa and the Mediterranean.

The correspondence is arranged chronologically. To John Branch, Secretary of the Navy. Presenting his nephew Edwin DeHaven as a candidate for a Midshipman's warrant. Spanning the period Mallory, Stephen R. Regarding a bounty for recruiting enlisted sailors. Marine Corps, U.

See Dobbin, James C. Henshaw, David Mason, John Y. Ship Marion , William Belt, Commander, c. Attached to Lieutenant William Pearson's copy. Mason, John Y. To Commodore Thomas ap Catesby Jones. Regarding Jones's interest in the Territorial Government of Oregon. To James H. Cansten, Washington, D. Regarding the claim of Master John Quinn.

Henderson, Commandant. From or relating to Maury during and immediately after the Civil War. Merchant Marine, American Document dated 18 December Signed by 3 British seamen recounting their "crimping" from British merchant vessels. Minnesota , U. Graves, Georgia. Last page notes, "put out of commission. Du Pont, Capt. A second stamp is in Arabic from Tangier? Mitchell, L. Vernon , George Washington , Pueblo , and Agamendon.